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Here are our superior, excellent new or upcoming
products based on our advanced technology and innovative designs.

Outdoor Programmable Driver

AC-DC Constant Power Driver

Launch Date:2017-06-07

Anti-corrosion Hybrid Stepper Motors

Work in salt air spray for long durations

Available for NEMA17 and NEMA 23

Launch Date:2017-6-21

Coreless Brushed DC Motors

Smaller Size, Higher Torque, Higher Speed

Launch Date:2017-07-17

TSM Integrated Motor

MOONS’ 3rd generation integrated step-servo

Launch Date:2016-10-17

TXM IP65 integrated motor

MOONS’ 3rd generation integrated Step-Servo

Launch Date:2016-09-01

M2 Servo System

Fast system response time

high accuracy and efficiency

Launch Date:2016-09-01