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Medical & Life Sciences Applications by MOONS'

Medical & Life Sciences

Driven by vigorous market demand, life and medical science has recently developed into an increasingly innovative and comprehensive industry. Especially for recent three years, the growth of medical industry speeds up and maintains a double-digit growth. In 2014, the sales revenue of medical device industry reached 216.85 billion while the industrial output reached 250 billion. In terms of total industrial output, the growth of laboratory appliance, medical equipment has exceeded that of medicine industry.

According to Classification and Code Standard of National Economy Industry (GB/T4754-2011) issued by National Statistics, medical equipment and instrument manufacturing(C358) contains 7 subcategories, which apply to global medical equipment industry as well.
Industry Description Series

Medical diagnosis, monitoring and treatment equipment

Manufacturing of equipment for medical diagnosis, monitoring and treatment in internal and surgical, traditional Chinese medicine

Blood analysis, Radiotherapy apparatus, high precision Stepper motor

Oral and dental instrument and equipment

Oral treatment and repair equipment

Dental equipment, Slotless motor

Disinfecting equipment of medical laboratory

Manufacturing of medical disinfection and sterilizing equipment

Laboratory automation, Gas chromatograph, Micro PM stepper motor

Medical, Surgical and Veterinary instruments

Manufacturing of surgical and diagnostic medical equipment

Pipette,infusion pump, surgical instruments, brushless motor, stepper motor, micro stepper motor

Mechanical treatment and ward nursing

Manufacturing of treatment, ward nursing, rehabilitation equipment

Medical bed, Brushless DC gearbox motor

Artificial limb, artificial organ and implantable device

Medical and veterinary artificial limb, artificial organ, implantable devices

Prosthetic joint, Slotless Motor

Other medical equipment

Manufacturing of medical and veterinary equipment and other unlisted equipment

Medical image and other peripheral treatment equipment Linear stepper motor

Other Typical Applications

• Surgical Robots
• High Speed Surgical Bone Drill
• Syringe
• Dental Implant Equipment
• Dental Laboratory Lathe
• Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments
• Peristaltic Pump and Syringe Pump
• Prosthetic Device
• Rehabilitation System
• Biochemical/Blood/Urine/Enzyme Immunoassay Analyzer
• ICU ventilator
• Drug Delivery Machine
• Medical Bed
• X-ray CT medical Equipment
• Dialysis Machine
• Oxygenerator

MOONS’ has the most various product series, including 0.9° micro stepper motor, low noise and high speed slotless brushless dc motor, innovative and smooth Z-series, 16mm PT-104 micro motor, 20mm 08HG micro stepper motor with 5° step angel and brushless DC gearbox motor. Meanwhile, MOONS’ provides assorted linear actuators such as LSM/BSM linear stepper motor and MLA8/MLA11 electric cylinder, realizing high accuracy, high efficiency and no delay. In addition, specific engineering support, regional application support, quick turn-around time and customized solutions are also provided.

MOONS’ products can not merely satisfy various technical requirements in speed, torque, dimension, efficiency and acceleration, but also offers customized service of different winding, magnetic circuit, connection, output shaft, lead and so on.