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Motor Length(mm)
Rated Current(A)
Rated Voltage
Screw Lead(mm)
Frame Size
Step Angle
Screw Length(mm)
Screw Diameter(mm)
Rated Thrust(N @300RPM)

Ball Screw Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors 

Ball screw external nut linear stepper motors for easy installation and reliable performance. Available in NEMA 8, 11, 14, 17 and 23 different pedestal sizes, a wide range of lead and effective length screws are available.
  • NEMA23 Ball Screw Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors

    NEMA23 Ball Screw Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors

    NEMA23, Ball screw linear stepper motor actuators, High performance, Exceptional endurance, Low noise, Highly effective. Multiple options: different size of motors, different types of leadscrews, different types of nuts.
  • Item Frame Size Motor Length
    Rated Current
    Screw Diameter
    Screw Lead
    Screw Length
    Linear Travel per Step
    Rated Thrust
    (N @300RPM)
    Rated Voltage Rotating Speed
    BE238S-B1002-300-AK1-S-220 NEMA23 57 2.2 10 2 300 0.01 608 3.5 5
    BE238S-B1004-300-AK2-S-220 NEMA23 57 2.2 10 4 300 0.02 304 3.5 5
    BE238S-B1010-300-BM1-S-220 NEMA23 57 2.2 10 10 300 0.05 122 3.5 5