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Input Voltage(Vac)
Output Power(W)
Output Voltage(V)
Output Current(mA)
Dimming Mode
Driver Type
Number of Output Channels

DALI Dimming Drivers 

As a global leading LED driver developer, MOONS' made continuous investment in deep dimming high performance dimmable LED driver. At present, MU050S150BQI501 have successfully completed the DALI-2 certification process. For more information please refer to DiiA official website.

  • DALI Dual Series

    DALI Dual Series

    MOONS' DALI Intelligent driver is ideal for stage, landscape, Architecture, Agriculture Lighting applications. Dimming two channels on the driver via DALI dimming equipment.
  • Item V_in
    Efficiency (230Vac) P_out
    Driver Type V_out
    Dimming Mode Auxiliary Power Supply Dimming Range Output Channels Price
    MU050S150BQI511 90-305 87% 50 CC 8-55 150-1500 DALI 12V/150mA 0.1%-100% 2