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Input Voltage(Vac)
Output Power(W)
Output Voltage(V)
Output Current(mA)
Dimming Mode
Driver Type
Number of Output Channels

DALI Dimming Drivers 

As a global leading LED driver developer, MOONS' made continuous investment in deep dimming high performance dimmable LED driver. At present, we have successfully completed the DALI-2 certification process. For more information please refer to DiiA official website.
  • 50W DALI Dual Series

    50W DALI Dual Series

    MOONS' DALI Intelligent driver is ideal for stage, landscape, Architecture, Agriculture Lighting applications. Dimming two channels on the driver via DALI dimming equipment.
  • Item V_in
    Efficiency (230Vac) P_out
    Driver Type V_out
    Dimming Mode Price
    MU050S150BQI526 90-305 87% 50 CC 8-55 200-1500 DALI
    MU050S150BQI536 90-305 87% 50 CC 8-55 200-1500 DALI