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Rated Voltage
Step Angle(°)
Screw Length(mm)
Screw Diameter(mm)
Linear Travel per Step(mm)
Rated Thrust(N)
Frame Size(mm)
Rated Current(A)

Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors 

Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors MOONS’ linear stepper motor actuators are designed based on the know-how technology of hybrid stepper motor with lead screw and nut. Provide high torque, high precision, and high efficiency to fit the application needs of designers. The combination of motor styles, sizes, lead-screws and nuts, gives the freedom to use linear stepper motors of different form factors to exactly fit in the application.  


• Extremely reliable stepper motors
• Patented Constant Force Nut Technology

• Great lead screw technology
• Offer online configurator for our most popular linear stepper motor.


LSM Series Family Brochure
BSM Series Family Brochure
  • NEMA14 Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors

    NEMA14 Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors

    NEMA14, Linear stepper motors actuator, High performance, Exceptional endurance, Low noise, Highly effective. Multiple options: different size of motors, different types of leadscrews, different types of nuts.
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    Phase Frame Size Screw Length
    Screw Diameter
    Screw Lead
    Linear Travel per Step
    Rated Thrust
    Rated Voltage
    2 NEMA14 102 6.5 3 0.015 85 2.4