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Lighting Control 

Lighting is important for the public. We know because we’ve done a lot of research on light and how to make it more energy-saving, safer and more flexible. MOONS' Smart Lighting is full services, design and production and focusing on lighting systems to be specified in street and tunnel lighting project. Based on the new wireless communication technology, you can turn on/off, dim them from anywhere all over the world. You also can inspect the luminaries' working condition (just like dimming level, power, voltage, current, temperature and other parameters) on smart phone, laptop, PC or some other devices.
  • Node Controller

    Node Controller

    Node controller is a special equipment for street and tunnel lamp control. It can switch on/off and dim up/down the lamps, meanwhile it can inspect the status of each lamp (dimming level, power, current, voltage, etc.) and report these information to server.
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    Application Mounting Type Price
    MSDKA349 Wireless Node Controller (NEMA SubG) WPAN(SubG) AC100-480V AC100-480V Street Lighting NEMA