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Motor Type
Max. Speed(rpm)
Frame Size
Rated Speed(rpm)
Nominal Voltage
No Load Speed(rpm)

Slotless/Coreless Products 

Micro Motion Systems With

Ironless Winding High Power Density, High Operating Speed, Fast Dynamic Response,
High Winding Density, No Cogging
MOONS’ Slotless Brushless DC Motors and Coreless Brushed DC Motors use independent ironless winding( Patent authorization number : US 10128703 B2, US 10090725 B2). This special design can bring high speed, high torque and low noise. Because of no cogging and compact structure, we can get smoother running at high or low speed, more accurate control, higher efficiency and higher power density.

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Find and select right products for your needs. • Slotless Brushless DC Motors• Coreless Brushed DC Motors

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Slotless/Coreless products can be used in medical, factory automation, aerospace, measurement & control, security and other fields. They can solve some problems that the consumers usually meet, for instance, the installation space is limited, the torque cannot meet the requirements, the lifetime of products is short and so on. • Medical & Life Sciences - Ventilator

Products Videos

MOONS' exhibited slotless and coreless products in Beijing International Medical Equipment Fair in 2019.
  • ECU16036 Slotless BLDC Motors

    ECU16036 Slotless BLDC Motors

    Slotless BLDC Motor, Various of Gearboxes and Encoders are available, Small Size, High Torque, High Speed, Ø16mm, 25W, 31.6mNm, 40000rpm
  • Item No Load Speed
    No Load Current
    Frame Size Max. Speed
    Rated Torque
    Rated Current
    Speed/Torque Gradient
    Motor Type Nominal Voltage Price
    ECU16036H06-S101 22750 250 Φ16 40000 4.5 1.91 793 RoHS 6Vdc
    ECU16036H09-S101 17200 173 Φ16 40000 8.03 1.88 540 RoHS 9Vdc
    ECU16036H12-S101 14800 165 Φ16 40000 10.2 1.49 266 RoHS 12Vdc
    ECU16036H18-S101 17100 160 Φ16 40000 9.7 1.11 274 RoHS 18Vdc
    ECU16036H24-S101 15000 115 Φ16 40000 9.9 0.76 258 RoHS 24Vdc
    ECU16036H36-S101 17200 100 Φ16 40000 9.4 0.57 269 RoHS 36Vdc
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