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Frame Size(mm)
Reduction Ratio
Rated torque(Nm)
Motor shaft diameter(mm)
Full load efficiency

ZDWE Series Right-angle Planetary Gearboxes 

The ZDWE series high-precision right-angle planetary reducer has a round mounting flange, which has the characteristics of stable transmission, large carrying capacity, small transmission space and large transmission ratio. It is suitable for stepping motors, brushless motors and servo motors with a frame size of 60mm or larger.
  • 60ZDWE Series Right-angle Planetary Gearbox

    60ZDWE Series Right-angle Planetary Gearbox

    60ZDWE series precision right-angle planetary reducer, round mounting flange, suitable for motor base 60*60, reduction ratio range 3-512
  • Item Reduction Ratio Rated torque
    Motor shaft diameter
    Full load efficiency Backlash
    Application Price
    60ZDWE5-145014 5 16 19 94% ≤30 60mm Servo Motors
    60ZDWE10-145014 10 12 19 94% ≤30 60mm Servo Motors
    60ZDWE20-145014 20 44 19 92% ≤35 60mm Servo Motors