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MOONS' Online Store provides global professional customers with high quality motion control and intelligent lighting products through Internet Channel. Based on in-stock standard products and global supply chain management, we ensure short lead time and fast cross-border delivery.


MS17HD Series

Stepper motor, High torque, Low noise, Smooth movement, Step Angle: 1.8°, NEMA17, 42x42mm

Availability:In Stock

PRICE: $36.72-$43.61

ECU13026 Series

Slotless BLDC motor,Small size, High torque, High speed

Availability:2-3 weeks

PRICE: Request For Quote


Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope(FAST)-the world’s largest filed aperture radio telescope,which has 4600 triangular panels,controlled by MOONS’ motors and drivers,that continually adjust to create a parabola aligned with the desired sky direction.

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Based on our deep understanding of the market, MOONS’ continuously brings the world a variety of innovative products, which are excellent in both design and quality.

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In our Soft Launch Corner, you will have a preview at upcoming products before standard product commercialization. During soft launch period, you are welcome to send us any feedback about our soft launch product, even the benchmarking results with any of our competitors. At the same time, we also accept new product reservation so that you are the first to get sample as soon as our soft launch product are available.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

New Generation NEMA8 Stepper Motor

• Innovation round flange, motor body diameter is only Φ22mm

• 27%-40% more holding torque, up to 8.5 oz-in (60 mNm)

• 18.5% lower volume and approximately 10% less weight than conventional motors

• Innovation round flange provides flexible and customized mounting solutions
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Find the complete list of all MOONS' new product press release in history here. For each new product, you will have a clear idea about our product design with detailed introduction. Besids, we also provide you the quick link for purchasing online directly.
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