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New Φ22mm Slotless BLDC– ECU22 series

Ø22mm * L48mm, 18000rpm, 35w, Long life design● Improving life time 35% comparing to existing product
● Aim to meet modern industry demand by increasing speed to 18000rpm level
● Rated output power up to 35w
● Keep the better temperature rising
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    Segment by running speed, slotless BLDC motors are typically divided into 3 ranges, including low speed(<10000rpm), medium speed(10000~40000rpm) and high speed(>70000rpm). In most cases, low-speed motors are used in the industrial sector, while medium- speed and high-speed motors are frequently used in the biochemical and medical field. New ECU22 series  slotless BLDC motors launched by MOONS' aim to meet modern industry demand by increasing speed to 18000rpm level and improving life time 35% comparing to existing product.


    By optimizing electromagnetic design and using new materials, MOONS' enables users to obtain better product experience. MOONS' ECU22 motors have greatly improved the running speed to 18000rpm and rated output power to 35w, which are more suitable for the higher speed and power requirements of today's industrial automation. We also keep the better temperature rising at 18000rpm running status.
    At the same time, considering the long-term and heavy-duty application scenarios in industrial production, ECU22 series has specifically upgraded the bearing system, use the high speed and high load capacity ball bearing, to improve our motor operating life by more than 35%. MOONS' is constantly committed to the development of new products and provides customers with more performance value experience at the same cost. We have been developing new medium and high-speed slotless product, with the same design idea, we will provide more performance advantage comparing to existing market product.

    Preliminary Version

    Motor Data Part Numbers
    Parameter Unit ECU22048H18 ECU22048H24 ECU22048H36 ECU22048H48
    Nominal voltage V 18 24 36 48
    No load speed rpm 18000 18000 19500 18000
    No load current mA 290 250 230 174
    Rated speed rpm 15900 15100 15500 15600
    Rated torque mNm 21.5 23.00 23.00 23.00
    Rated current A 2.25 1.81 1.23 0.90
    Stall torque mNm 180.1 141.5 212.8 170.6
    Stall current A 18.8 11.1 11.8 6.7
    Max efficiency % 82 80 82 80
    Terminal resistance (phase-phase) Ohm 0.96 2.16 3.05 7.17
    Terminal inductance (phase-phase) mH 0.063 0.094 0.250 0.444
    Torque constant mNm / A 9.55 12.74 18.03 25.48
    Speed constant rpm / V 1000 750 530 375
    Speed/torque gradient rpm / mNm 100 127 92 106
    Mechanical time constant ms 4.04 5.14 3.62 4.26


    Parameter Unit Value
    Max speed rpm 40000
    Rotor inertia gcm2 3.860
    Number of pole pairs   1
    Ambient temperature °C -40~+100
    Max winding temperature °C 155
    Thermal resistance    
    Housing - Ambient °C / W 10.2
    Winding - Housing °C / W 1
    Thermal time constant    
    Motor s 600
    Winding s 2
    Max axial load N 3.5
    Max radial load N 16
    Weight g 98

    Mechanical Dimensions:mm

    Connection(Cable AWG 24)
    Cable No. SIgnal Color
    1 Motor winding 1 brown
    2 Motor winding 2 red
    3 Motor winding 3 orange
    4 Vhall4.5-24VDC yellow
    5 GND green
    6 Hall IC 1 blue
    7 Hall IC 2 violet
    8 Hall IC 3 grey