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STM23 Series Integrated Stepper Motors

The STM23 is a integrated motors combines motor+drive+encoder into one device. It supports RS232, RS485 and CANopen, and MOONS’ Q programmer control mode. External switch such as position limit, joystick are also supported.
● Anti-Resonance
● Torque Ripple Smoothing
● Microstep Emulation
● Stall Detection and Stall Prevention
● Dynamic Current Control
● Command Signal Smoothing
Brand Name: MOONS'
Price: USD  275.0  -  586.0  EA

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The STM is an integrated all-in-one solution, fusing step motor and drive technologies into a single device, offering savings on space, wiring and cost over conventional motor and drive solutions.


Anti-ResonanceStep motor systems have a natural tendency to resonate at certain speeds.The SR drives automatically calculate the system’s natural frequency and apply damping to the control algorithm. This greatly improves midrange stability, allows higher speeds and greater torque utilization, and also improves settling times.
Provides better motor performance and higher speeds
Microstep EmulationWith Microstep Emulation, low resolution systems can still provide smooth motion. The drive can take low resolution step pulses and create fine resolution motion.
Delivers smoother motion in any application
Torque Ripple SmoothingAll step motors have an inherent low speed torque ripple that can affect the motion profile of the motor. By analyzing this torque ripple the system can apply a negative harmonic to counter this effect.
This gives the motor much smoother motion at low speed.
Command Signal SmoothingCommand Signal smoothing can soften the effect of immediate changes in velocity and direction, making the motion of the motor less jerky. An added advantage is that it can reduce the wear on mechanical components.
Improves smoother system performance
Improves smoother system performanceAt start-up the drive measures motor parameters, including the resistance and inductance, then uses this information to optimize the system performance.
Dynamic Current Control Running Current - the current the drive will deliver for continuous motion.
Accel Current - the current the drive will deliver when accelerating or decelerating.
Idle Current - reduces current draw when motor is stationary.
Allows for three current settings to help the motor run cooler and reduce power consumption.
Stall Detection & Stall Prevention The optional encoder detects the rotor’s position to provide Stall Detection and Stall Prevention functions.

Control Options

•Step & Direction
•CW & CCW pulse
•A/B quadrature (master encoder)
•Software configuration via communication port
• Software Configuration
• Two Speeds
• Vary speed with analog input
• Joystick compatible
• Accepts commands from host PC or PLC
RS-485 or Modbus/RTU
• Accepts commands from host PC or PLC
• Multi-axis capable, up to 32 axes
• Accepts commands from host PC or PLC
• 1000's of axes with Ethernet and Ethernet/IP
• CANopen Model
• Connect to CANopen network
• CiA301 and CiA402 protocols
• Multi-axis capable, up to 127 axes
• Comprehensive text based languaged
• Download, store & execute programs
• High level features: multi-tasking, conditional programming and math functions
• Host interface while executing stored programs

Model Numbering System

Ordering Information 

Model Control Output Torque Encoder RS-232 RS-485 CANopen
STM23S-2AN S 0.9N·m      
STM23S-3AN 1.5N·m      
STM23Q-2AN Q 0.9N·m      
STM23Q-3AN 1.5N·m      
STM23C-2CN C 0.9N·m    
STM23C-3CN 1.5N·m    

Power Amplifier

Amplifier Type Dual H - bridge, 4 quadrant
Current Control 4 state PWM at 20 kHz
Output Torque STM23□-2□□: Up to 1.0 N•m
STM23□-3□□: Up to 1.5 N•m
Power Supply External 12 - 70 volt power supply required
Protection Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temp, motor/wiring shorts (phase-to-phase, phase-to-ground)


Microstep Solution Software selectable from 200 to 51200 steps/rev in increments of 2 steps/rev.
Encoder Feedback Optional 4000 counts/rev encoder feedback
Speed Range Speeds up to 3000 rpm
Non-Volatile Storage Configurations are saved in FLASH memory on-board the DSP
Modes of Operation STM23S: Step & direction, CW/CCW pulse, A/B quadrature pulse, velocity (oscillator, joystick), streaming commands (SCL)
STM23Q: All STM23S modes of operation plus stored Q program execution
STM23C: CANopen slave node plus stored Q program execution
STM23IP: All STM23Q modes of operation plus EtherNet/IP industrial network communications
Digital Inputs S/Q/IP type:
Adjustable bandwidth digital noise rejection filter on all inputs
STEP+/- : Optically isolated, 5-24 volt. Minimum pulse width 250 ns. Maximum pulse frequency = 2MHz
Function: Step, CW step, A quadrature (encoder following), CW limit, CW jog, start/stop (oscillator mode), or general purpose input.
DIR+/- : Optically isolated, 5-24 volt. Minimum pulse width = 250 ns. Maximum pulse frequency = 2 MHz.
Function: Direction, CCW step, B quadrature (encoder following), CCW limit, CCW jog, direction (oscillator mode), or general purpose input.
EN+/- : Optically isolated, 5-24 volt. Minimum pulse width = 100 μs. Maximum pulse frequency = 10 KHz.
Function: Enable, alarm/fault reset, speed 1/speed 2 (oscillator mode), or general purpose input
C type:
Adjustable bandwidth digital noise rejection filter on all inputs
IN1+/-: Optically isolated, 5-24 volt. Minimum pulse width = 250 ns. Maximum pulse frequency = 2 MHz.
Function: CW limit, CW jog, or general purpose input.
IN2+/-: Optically isolated, 5-24 volt. Minimum pulse width = 250 ns. Maximum pulse frequency = 2 MHz.
Function: CCW limit, CCW jog, or general purpose input
IN3+/-: Optically isolated, 5-24 volt. Minimum pulse width = 100 μs. Maximum pulse frequency = 10 KHz.
Function: general purpose input
Digital Output OUT+/-: Optically isolated, 30V/100mA max.
Function: Fault, brake motion, tach, or general purpose programmable
Analog Input AIN referenced to GND. Range = 0 to 5 VDC. Resolution = 12 bits.(Not present on STM23C)
Communication S/Q type: RS-232, RS-485, Modbus/RTU, Ethernet TCP or UDP
C type: CANopen & RS-232
IP type: EtherNet/IP


Ambient Temperature 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F) When mounted to a suitable heat sink
Humidity 90% non-condensing
Mass STM23□-2□□: 850g
STM23□-3□□: 1200g
Rotor Inertia STM23□-2□□:260 g•cm2
STM23□-3□□:460 g•cm2

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STM23IP-3EE $535.00
STM23Q-3AN $381.00
STM23Q-2RE $447.00
STM23C-2CE $586.00
STM23Q-2AE $440.00
STM23C-3CN $460.00
STM23Q-3RN $388.00
STM23Q-3EE $468.00
STM23S-3RE $373.00
STM23S-3EE $378.00
STM23S-2AN $275.00
STM23S-3AN $291.00
STM23S-2RN $282.00
STM23Q-2RN $372.00
STM23Q-2AN $365.00
STM23IP-2EE $525.00
STM23IP-3EN $460.00
STM23IP-2EN $450.00
STM23C-3CE $535.00
STM23C-2CN $460.00
STM23Q-3RE $463.00
STM23S-3AE $366.00
STM23S-2RE $357.00
STM23Q-2EE $452.00
STM23S-2AE $350.00
STM23Q-3EN $393.00
STM23Q-2EN $377.00
STM23S-3EN $303.00
STM23S-2EN $287.00
STM23S-2EE $362.00
STM23S-3RN $298.00
STM23Q-3AE $456.00

Dimension (Units: mm)

2D Drawings
Title Type Size(KB) Date View times Download
STM23S-3R_2D Drawing.pdf PDF 54 2017-05-18 5
STM23S-2R_2D Drawing.pdf PDF 58 2017-05-18 4
STM23Q-3A_2D Drawing.pdf PDF 30 2017-05-18 4
STM23Q-2A_2D Drawing.pdf PDF 30 2017-05-19 3
STM23Q-3R_2D Drawing.pdf PDF 54 2017-05-18 3
STM23Q-2R_2D Drawing.pdf PDF 58 2017-05-19 3
STM23C-2C_2D Drawing.pdf PDF 57 2017-05-18 3
STM23S-3A_2D Drawing.pdf PDF 30 2017-05-18 2
STM23S-3A_2D Drawing.dwg DWG 101 2017-05-18 2
STM23S-2A_2D Drawing.pdf PDF 30 2017-05-18 2
STM23Q-2R_2D Drawing.dwg DWG 80 2017-05-19 2
STM23Q-3R_2D Drawing.dwg DWG 91 2017-05-18 2
STM23C-2C_2D Drawing.dwg DWG 92 2017-05-18 2
STM23S-2A_2D Drawing.dwg DWG 97 2017-05-18 1
STM23S-3R_2D Drawing.dwg DWG 91 2017-05-18 1
STM23Q-2A_2D Drawing.dwg DWG 97 2017-05-19 1
STM23Q-3A_2D Drawing.dwg DWG 101 2017-05-18 1
STM23S-2R_2D Drawing.dwg DWG 80 2017-05-18 1
3D Model
Title Type Size(KB) Date View times Download
STM23S-3_3D Model.step STEP 14542 2017-05-18 9
STM23Q-3_3D Model.step STEP 14542 2017-05-18 9
STM23Q-2_3D Model.step STEP 14553 2017-05-18 5
STM23S-2_3D Model.step STEP 14553 2017-05-18 4
STM23IP-2E_3D Model.step STEP 14553 2017-05-18 4
STM23IP-3E_3D Model.step STEP 14542 2017-05-18 4
STM23C-2C_3D Model.step STEP 14553 2017-05-18 3
STM23C-3C_3D Model.step STEP 14542 2017-05-18 3
Title Type Size(KB) Date View times Download
STM Family Brochure.PDF PDF 1822 2018-09-05 14
User Manual
Title Type Size(KB) Date View times Download
STM23S-3A/3R_User Manual.pdf PDF 8602 2017-05-18 24
STM23S-2A/2R_User Manual.pdf PDF 8602 2017-05-18 19
STM23Q-2A/2R_User Manual.pdf PDF 3210 2017-05-18 14
STM23C-2C/3C_User Manual.pdf PDF 4579 2017-05-18 13
STM23Q-3A/3R_User Manual.pdf PDF 8753 2017-05-19 6
Title Type Size(KB) Date View times Download
STM23S-3A/3R_Specifications.pdf PDF 629 2017-05-18 11
STM23Q-3A/3R_Specifications.pdf PDF 560 2017-05-18 10
STM23S-2A/2R_Specifications.pdf PDF 629 2017-05-18 8
STM23Q-2A/2R_Specifications.pdf PDF 560 2017-05-18 7
STM23C-2C/3C_Specifications.pdf PDF 474 2017-05-18 6
Title Type Size(KB) Date View times Download
Stepper Products General Catalog_20180531.pdf PDF 27992 2017-12-20 117
Quick Start
Title Type Size(KB) Date View times Download
STM23Q-3A/3R_Quick start.pdf PDF 534 2017-05-18 10
STM23S-2A/2R_Quick start.pdf PDF 534 2017-05-18 7
STM23S-3A/3R_Quick start.pdf PDF 534 2017-05-18 5
STM23C-2C/3C_Quick start.pdf PDF 474 2017-05-18 4
STM23Q-2A/2R_Quick start.pdf PDF 534 2017-05-18 3
Title Type Size(KB) Date View times Download
STM23S-2_CE.pdf PDF 665 2017-05-18 5
STM23S-3_CE.pdf PDF 665 2017-05-18 4
STM23Q-3_CE.pdf PDF 665 2017-05-18 3
STM23C_CE.pdf PDF 665 2017-05-18 2
STM23IP_CE.pdf PDF 665 2017-05-18 2
STM23S-3_RoHS.pdf PDF 264 2017-05-18 2
STM23Q-2_RoHS.pdf PDF 264 2017-05-18 2
STM23Q-3_RoHS.pdf PDF 264 2017-05-18 2
STM23C_RoHS.pdf PDF 264 2017-05-18 2
STM23IP_RoHS.pdf PDF 264 2017-05-18 2
STM23Q-2_CE.pdf PDF 665 2017-05-18 2
STM23S-2_RoHS.pdf PDF 264 2017-05-18 1
Title Type Size(KB) Date View times Download
CANopen Test Tool Setup 2465 2017-06-14 62
ST Configurator 3.3.8.exe RAR 24052 2017-06-14 54
RS485 Bus Utility Setup RAR 1919 2017-06-14 0

Delivery & Packaging

Logistics tracking

Ensure your ordered products are always safely packaged from easy click to fast delivery to your hands

Professional Product Label

Considering all possible harsh application environments, MOONS' specially designed labels for each product, which pass water-resistance test, durability rub test, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance tests.

Besides, our product labels are attached with QR code linking to product details, which is convenient for clients to view the detail product page with their mobile phones.

Note: This label design is suitable for products of stepper motor.

(Professional packing box and unique appearance design)

(Single item packed with EPE)

(Multi-products packed with another box)

Safely Packaging

In order to ensure your shipments withstand the long trip and arrive safely and intact, MOONS' specially designed Individual package to pass the drop test with its stable structure.
Besides,the package is made from recyclable materials, providing you with professional safety delivery.
Whether just single item or multi-products the clients buy, all products are packed twice to avoid the damage further.

Shipping Visualization

For each case, products are carefully packed by experienced warehouse staff and the key processes are recorded by photos, which are then posted on our website, so that clients could clearly know the packing process and logistics status after placing order.

(Product in the box)

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Fast Delivery

Fast Cross-Border Delivery
MOONS' chooses DHL as our main international express shipping partner. As the world's leading logistics specialist, DHL provides our customers with fast and professional inter- national door-to-door delivery service.
Estimated Delivery Time: e.g. China-USA major cities 3 business days.

Warehouse Management

MOONS’ has an experienced warehouse management team, all products and materials are clearly classified and neatly arranged.