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Step Angle
Motor Length(mm)
Nominal Voltage
Holding Torque(Nm)
Holding Torque(oz-in)
Frame Size(mm)
Reduction Ratio

Permanent Magnet Stepper Motors 

Permanent Magnet Stepper Motors
Permanent magnet stepper motors use a permanent magnet (PM) in the rotor and operate on the attraction or repulsion between the rotor PM and the stator electromagnets. Permanent magnet stepping motors are generally two-phase, with small torque and volume, and the step angle is generally 3.75 degrees, 7.5 degrees, 15 degrees or 18 degrees, etc. MOONS' PM stepper motors are widely applied in many innovative applications, including: computer equipment, photographic systems, optoelectronic devices, valve control, ATM equipment, CNC machine, automatic winding machines, electronic clocks and medical equipment.

What is a Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor?

The PM motor is an inner rotor type motor, and the outer surface of the cylindrical rotor is evenly distributed with N and S poles.

What are the differences between PM and VR and Hybrid stepper motors?

Comparison of performance parameters of PM motor and VR, Hybrid stepping motor.

Technical about Rated Current

Rated current of PM stepper is limited by thermal characteristics.
  • 20mm Permanent Magnet Stepper Motors

    20mm Permanent Magnet Stepper Motors

    Miniature Permanent Magnet DC Stepper Motor, Small Size, 20mm Diameter, 2 phase, 18°
  • Item Phase Length
    Rated Current
    Holding Torque
    Holding Torque
    Holding Torque
    Reduction Ratio Coil Type Nominal Voltage Price
    PG22L45.2-20PM020L0-22 2 60 0.5 0.2 200 28.32 45.2 Bi-Polar 30Vdc
    PG22L71.7-20PM020L0-21 2 55 0.46 0.42 420 59.47 71.7 Bi-Polar 30Vdc