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Installation Width(mm)
Effective stroke(mm)
Rated Axial Thrust(N)
Instantaneous Maximum Axial Thrust(N)
Rating Feed Speed(mm/sec)
Instantaneous Maximum Feed Speed(mm/sec)
Feed Screw
Repetitive Positioning Accuracy(μm)
Lost Motion(μm)
Power Supply Voltage(V)

Linear Actuators 

MOONS' miniature linear actuators are designed to meet the needs of customers for compact structures. High integration, small size, and stable product quality are the characteristics of these products. Additionally, Linear actuators is easy to use and provides the best performance.
• Linear actuators three frame sizes: NEMA11, NEMA14, NEMA17
• Open-loop control and closed-loop control options
• Encoder and brake options
• Choose ball screw, lead screw, and custom nut assemblies to meet your needs
  • Million Linear Actuator Series

    Million Linear Actuator Series

    Million linear actuator is a linear actuator using the original roller type guide "Million Guide". The "Million Guide" adopts needle rollers as rolling elements, and obtains the high precision linear travelling.
  • Item Installation Width
    Effective stroke
    Rated Axial Thrust
    Rating Feed Speed
    Screw Lead
    Repetitive Positioning Accuracy
    Lost Motion
    GMA2010M 20*20 10 30 10 1 ±1.0 3
    GMA2815M 28*28 15 50 10 1 ±1.0 3
    GMA4220M 42*42 20 150 15 2 ±1.0 3
    GMA6025M 60*60 25 300 20 3 ±1.0 3