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Motor Length(mm)
Rated Current(A)
Rated Voltage
Screw Lead(mm)
Frame Size
Step Angle
Screw Length(mm)
Screw Diameter(mm)
Rated Thrust(N @300RPM)
Frame Size(mm)

Hybrid Linear Stepper MotorsMOONS' hybrid stepper motor linear actuator are the darlings of the Robotics world. Our advanced manufacturing methods create an integrated screw and motor combination with less parts than the traditional lead screw option. The integrated screw replaces the shaft and removes the need for external coupling mechanisms.
MOONS' product range includes stepper motor linear actuators in five versions and five sizes. Thanks to their special stator geometry and optimized magnet materials, the MOONS' actuators generate more force than comparable actuators.
Another feature that makes these motor combinations unique is the patented Constant Force Nut Technology that provides superior backlash compensation and constant radial force. Once again our technology is helping our clients move in better ways.


• Extremely reliable stepper motors
• Patented Constant Force Nut Technology
• Great lead screw technology
• Offer online configurator for our most popular linear stepper motor.


Leadscrew Linear
Actuator Family Brochure
Ballscrew Linear
Actuator Family Brochure

External Nut Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors

External Nut linear actuator for easy installation and reliable performance.

Non-captive Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors

Non-captive hybrid linear stepper motors for easy installation and reliable performance.

Captive Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors

Captive linear actuator for easy installation and reliable performance.

Ball Screw Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors

Ball screw external nut linear actuator for easy installation and reliable performance.

Permanent Magnet Linear Stepper Motors

MOONS' offers two types of PM linear stepper motors: Permanent Magnet (PM) Stepper Motor Non-Captive and Captive, with push/pull force ratings of 24N(86.3oz) to 50N(179.9oz).

Linear Stepper Motor Drawings Download

  • LE08 Series  2D  3D
  • LE11 Series  2D  3D
  • LE14 Series  2D  3D
  • LE17 Series  2D  3D
  • LE23 Series  2D  3D
  • LN08 Series  2D  3D
  • LN11 Series  2D  3D
  • LN14 Series  2D  3D
  • LN17 Series  2D  3D
  • LN23 Series  2D  3D
  • LC08 Series  2D  3D
  • LC11 Series  2D  3D
  • LC14 Series  2D  3D
  • LC17 Series  2D  3D
  • LC23 Series  2D  3D
  • BE11 Series  2D  3D
  • BE14 Series  2D  3D
  • BE17 Series  2D  3D
  • BE23 Series  2D  3D