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Motor Length(mm)
Rated Current(A)
Step Angle(°)
Holding Torque(Nm)
Holding Torque(oz-in)
Rated Current(A)

Hybrid stepper motors provide excellent performance in areas of torque, speed, and step resolution. Typically, step angles for a hybrid stepper motor range from 200 to 400 steps per revolution. MOONS' unipolar and bipolar hybrid stepper motors include standard hybrid stepper motors, PowerPlus hybrid stepper motors and high precision hybrid stepper motors and smooth hybrid stepper motors.

Standard Hybrid Stepper Motors

2 phases 1.8° hybrid stepper motor is the most popular in market and has the most extensive product coverage, as a result of a series of optimizations and improvements, its performance and value has been greatly improved.

PowerPlus Hybrid Stepper Motors

MOONS’ PowerPlus technology provides 25% to 40% more torque across the entire speed range of the motor. The increased torque is a result of higher motor efficiency, and is available without increasing the drive voltage or current.

Smooth Hybrid Stepper Motors

Small torque fluctuations, smooth running, suitable for the pursuit of quiet and smooth running applications. At the same time, the outdoor environment tolerance of the encapsulated hybrid stepper motors will be better.

High Precision Hybrid Stepper Motors

It can make a very accurate motion of small incremental step angle with 0.9°, when cooperating with the differential stepping driver, it achieves ultra precise subdivision step angle.

Anti-corrosion Hybrid Stepper Motors

Protective coating on the surface by special processing technology, can effectively prevent rust and corrosion.