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Linear Motion Products 

Linear Actuators

The “linear actuator”category includes: open architecture linear actuator, sealing architecture linear actuator and lead screw motor. PBC&MOONS’ linear actuators can be divided into three types according to the different drive types: ball screw drive, belt drive and lead screw drive. Meanwhile, we can choose different kinds of rails from customers’ different application environment flexibly, such as: gliding surface rail, V-guide rail and profile rail. PBC&MOONS' linear actuators are widely used in mechanical and electronic engineering, packing, welding, fixities, 3D printing, medical instruments and so on.

▌ Open Architecture Linear Actuators
 SIMO  &  COMPACT Series    

a) GST-Lead Screw Drive
b) GST-Belt Drive
c) CRT-Lead Screw Drive
d) CRT-Belt Drive



a) PRT-Ball Screw Drive
b) PRT-Lead Screw Drive
c) GST-Lead Screw Drive

▌ Sealing Architecture Linear Actuators
 LAT Series   MLA Series

The LAT Serieslinear actuators with sealed design . Suitable for high frequency, high precision and high load applications.



The MLA Serieslinear actuators are intelligent linear motion products.More Efficient, More Reliable, More Intelligent.


▌ Lead Screw Motors
 LSM Series  

a) LSM 11 Series
b) LSM 14 Series
c) LSM 17 Series
d) LSM 23 Series


08&11 Series Catalog