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Rated Voltage
Step Angle(°)
Screw Length(mm)
Screw Diameter(mm)
Screw Lead(mm)
Linear Travel per Step(mm)
Rated Thrust(N)
Frame Size(mm)
Rated Current(A)

PBC&MOONS’ linear actuators can be divided into three types according to the different drive types: ball screw drive, belt drive and lead screw drive. Meanwhile, we can choose different kinds of rails from customers’ different application environment flexibly, such as: gliding surface rail, V-guide rail and profile rail. PBC&MOONS' linear actuators are widely used in mechanical and electronic engineering, packing, welding, fixities, 3D printing, medical instruments and so on.

Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors

Linear actuator systems with External Nut. Available in frame size 08, 11, 14,17 and 23. Internally lubricated, more performance and zero maintenance.

Linear Actuators

Moons’ has various linear actuators consisting of a motor assembled with the necessary mechanical components to meet the various needs of automated equipment.

Permanent Magnet Linear Stepper Motors

MOONS' offers two types of PM linear stepper motors: Permanent Magnet (PM) Stepper Motor Non-Captive and Captive, with push/pull force ratings of 24N(86.3oz) to 50N(179.9oz).