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Motor Length(mm)
Rated Current(A)
Rated Voltage
Installation Width(mm)
Effective stroke(mm)
Rated Axial Thrust(N)
Instantaneous Maximum Axial Thrust(N)
Rating Feed Speed(mm/sec)
Instantaneous Maximum Feed Speed(mm/sec)
Feed Screw
Screw Lead(mm)
Repetitive Positioning Accuracy(μm)
Lost Motion(μm)
Frame Size
Power Supply Voltage(V)
Step Angle
Screw Length(mm)
Screw Diameter(mm)
Rated Thrust(N @300RPM)
Frame Size(mm)
Rated Current(A)

MOONS' PBC Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between MOONS' and PBC Linear, a manufacturer of linear motion products in the United States. MOONS' PBC combines R&D, manufacturing and sales to provide mechatronic linear motion products. Over the years, through independent research and development and the continuous introduction of foreign advanced technology, we now have linear stepping motors, linear modules and electric cylinders with complete specifications, stable and reliable performance. At the same time, we also have a team of application engineers with years of experience in customer application to ensure that we respond quickly to customer needs and provide accurate and reliable linear motion solutions.

E-commerce currently sells three standard categories of linear motion products: Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors, PM Linear Stepper Motors, Linear Actuator.

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LE Series Family
  BE Series Family
  MLA Series Family
  PM linear Series Family

Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors

Hybrid linear stepper motor actuator with External Nut. Available in frame size11, 14,17 and 23. Internally lubricated, more performance and zero maintenance.

Linear Actuators

Moons’ has various linear actuators consisting of a motor assembled with the necessary mechanical components to meet the various needs of automated equipment.

Permanent Magnet Linear Stepper Motors

MOONS' offers two types of PM linear stepper motors: Permanent Magnet (PM) Stepper Motor Non-Captive and Captive, with push/pull force ratings of 24N(86.3oz) to 50N(179.9oz).