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O.D. of Wheel(mm)
Max Radila Load of Wheel(kg)
Speed at Max Load(m/s)
Peak Speed at No Load(m/s)
Rated Output Power(W)
Reduction Ratio

AGV Products 

With AGV fields developing rapidly, MOONS' is dedicated to providing motion control systems & support for AGV host manufacturers.
MOONS' can provide a full set of motion control products for all kinds of transmission robots/cars such as floor robot, autonomous case-handling robot, forklift, rail guided vehicle, logistics transport cars, etc., including driver/motorgearbox/drive wheel module/lifting module, etc.
MOONS' products have compact axis structure/complete functions/low noise and good mechanical capability to designe for a variety of product customization requirements.
  • MSD Driving Wheel

    MSD Driving Wheel

    MSD driving wheel module has wide product coverage, high power density, strong carrying capacity which can carry various loads of 3 tons and below, suitable for multiple scenes.
  • Item O.D. of Wheel
    Max Radila Load of Wheel
    Speed at Max Load
    Brake IP Rating Price
    MSD150-10-040-20GSL-B 150 455 1.6 48 YES IP54
    MSD150-10-040-20GSL-N 150 455 1.6 48 NO IP54
    MSD160-10-075-20GSL-B 160 455 1.7 48 YES IP54
    MSD160-10-075-20GSL-N 160 455 1.7 48 NO IP54
    MSD180-10-075-20GSL-B 180 625 1.9 48 YES IP54
    MSD180-10-075-20GSL-N 180 625 1.9 48 NO IP54
    MSD180-10-100-20GSL-B 180 625 1.9 48 YES IP54
    MSD180-10-100-20GSL-N 180 625 1.9 48 NO IP54
    MSD200-10-100-20GSL-B 200 625 2.1 48 YES IP54
    MSD200-10-100-20GSL-N 200 625 2.1 48 NO IP54
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