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MT050AxxxAQ_CP Series

MT050AxxxAQ_CP is a 50W, constant-current, programmable outdoor LED driver that operate from 249 ~ 528 VAC input with excellent power factor.
● High Efficiency (Up to 87% typ.)
● All-Around Protection: OVP, SCP, OTP
● Certified with an UL/CUL
● Flicker-Free Dimming Across Wide Dimming Range
Brand Name: MOONS'

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MT050AxxxAQ_CP series is a 50W LED AC-DC driver featuring the constant current mode. This series operates from 249~528VAC and offers dimming models with different rated current that could be configured by MOONS' patented programmer--MSSL200.With the fan-less design, the entire series are able to operate for -40°C~+90°C case temperature under free air convection. The design of metal housing and IP67 ingress protection level allows this series to fit both indoor and outdoor applications. MT050AxxxAQ_CP is equipped with various function options, such as dimming methodologies, so as to provide the optimal design flexibility for LED lighting system.

Dimming Function Introduction

MT050AxxxAQ_CP is a programmable driver, all driver's parameters can be modified through MSSL200(The Programmer of CLKS or CP Series driver ). Such as output current value, start time, fade up time, selecting dimming mode (include modifying parameters in corresponding mode) and so on, which can meet other special and customized requirement, such as 50W/1000mA, 50W/2000mA, 50W/3000mA and so on. What's more, the driver is compatible with charged or uncharged programming mode.

1. Accessory-MSSL200

MSSL200 is the programmer of CLKS or CP Series driver.
The Programmable Driver Configurator Software and Configurator are compatible with MOONS' CLKS and CP drivers. They can be used to set the configuration parameters of MOONS' CLKS and CP drivers.

2. Dimming Function-Constant Power

Output Current: 65%∼ 100% ×rated output current
This series driver could achieve rated output power while adjusting output current range at 65%-100% rated output current.

Note:output current setting range with constant power 65%~100% Iomax

3. Dimming Function-PWM/1-10V Dimming

Dimming Range: 6.5%∼ 100% ×rated output current
The CP series are perfectly compatible with PWM/1-10V signal dimmer. Enter the "PWM dimming mode" or "1-10V dimming mode", you can modify the minimum and maximum output parameters and corresponding voltage of dimming signal voltage.

PWM Interface

1-10V Interface

4. Dimming Function-Smart Midnight ClockDIM

Smart Midnight ClockDIM has self-study Clock Dimming function. It can set 5 dimming level in the dimming plan through software. It also can adjust the starting time and ending time in the dimming plan everyday automatically according to the geographic position and average operating time. In other words, the CP series driver can adapt to the changeable starting and ending time due to the seasonal alteration by self-study function.

Smart Midnight ClockDIM Interface

5. Dimming Function-Fixed ClockDIM

Users can set the dimming plan by separating 24 hours into 5 sections matching corresponding output current. Owing to the time is fixed, it has no self-study function.
For instance: Assuming the dimming plan like below table shows. If the driver is charged at 15:00pm, the driver will perform the dimming plan following the form shows.

Time Output
15:00~20:00 20%×Module Current
20:00~01:00 40%×Module Current
01:00~05:00 60%×Module Current
05:00~09:00 80%×Module Current
09:00~15:00 100%×Module Current

Fixed ClockDIM Interface

The design of metal housing and IP67 ingress protection level allows this series to fit both indoor and outdoor applications. Different form factors are available for the perfect fit with your luminaire.







Model list

Part Number Output Voltage Range Output Current Range Output Power Efficiency (Typ)
MT050A135AQ_CP 22-56VDC 90-1350mA 50W 87%


Input Voltage Range 249∼528Vac
Frequency 47∼63Hz
Power Factor 0.96(Typical), 0.94(minimum) at 480Vac
>0.9 with 50%∼100% load, at 277∼480Vac
Efficiency 87%(Typical) at 480Vac and full load, 85%(Typical) at 277Vac and full load
THD <15% with 80%∼100% load, at 277∼480Vac
<20% with 50%∼100% load, at 277∼480Vac
Inrush Current 65A at 480Vac input 25°C Cold Start ( time wide=500uS, measured at 50% Ipeak, Not applicable for the inrush current to Noise Filter for less than 0.2ms)
Output Current Range when dimming 6.5%∼100% ×Io_max
Line Regulation ± 3%
Load Regulation ± 5%
Ripple Current Percentage[(PK-AV)/AV] 10% max (peak to average value) at full load
Setup, Rise Time 2s(typ.), measured at 277Vac input
Operating Temperature -40∼+70°C (Refer to 'Derating Curve' in series datasheet)
Maximum Case Temperature 90°C
Humidity 20∼95%RH, non-condensing
Surge Level L-N: ± 6KV, L/N-PE: ± 6KV
Reference Dimension(L×W×H) 102 × 80 × 43 mm
Weight 0.710kg
Safety Standard UL1310 Class 2, UL8750, UL1012, CSA 250.13
MT050AxxxAQ_CP Series driver is ideal for outdoor applications. 0-10V, PWM, Non Dimming, Clock Dimming. Different form factors are available for the perfect fit with your luminaire.

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