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Event Express
  • 2019 SPS - smart production solutions

    2019 SPS - smart production solutions

    Date: November 26-28, 2019
    Venue: Nuremberg Exhibition Centre
    Booth: HALL 1. 1-228
    Stepper Motor Products:
    HB stepper motor:
    • 14HK/16HS/17HA/17HC/23HY series
    PM stepper motor:
    • 15S/20L&S/25L&S/35L&S/42L&S series
    • PG15S/PG22L
    • Pyriform gearbox motor
    Brushless DC Motor Products:
    • Circular series: 42BL/57BL/80BL
    • Gearbox with DC brushless motor
    Linear Motion Products:
    HB Linear motors:
    • LC/LE/LN/BE series
    PM Linear motors:
    • 20LN/25LN/28LN/35LN series
    Slotless/Coreless Motor Products:
    Slotless brushless DC motor:
    • ECU ∅13 ∅16 ∅22 series
    Coreless brushed DC motor:
    • DCU ∅13 ∅17 ∅24 series
    • DCU motor with gearbox
    • DCU motor with gearbox with gearbox and encoder
    Intelligent Linear Actuator:
    Miniature linear actuators:
    • MLA series
    Step-Servo Products:
    Step-Servo system:
    • RS/SS/SSDC series
    Integrated Step-Servo motors:
    • TSM series
    Servo Products:
    Servo system:
    • M3/M2 series
    Servo motor:
    • SM40/60/80 series
    Integrated servo motor:
    • MDX series
    Featured Products:
    • 130 Servo motor




    Date: November 25-28, 2019
    Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre
    Booth: HALL E1, G21
    Brushless DC Products:
    Brushless DC Motor Products:
    • Circular series: R42BL~R80BL
    • Square series: S42BL~S85BL
    Brushless DC Driver Products:
    • BLD series DC brushless drivers
    Servo Products:
    Servo motor:
    • SM40/60/80 series
    Servo system:
    • M2DC series
    Close loop stepper Products:
    • 42/57/60/86 series stepper motors with encoder close loop control
    Featured Products:
    Disc Motor:
    • 7.5 degree step angle, super high acceleration characteristic and 10000rpm speed
    Power Plus Motor:
    • 57/60/86, 2-phase and 3-phase series, high pull out torque of PL motors with at least 20% increment

    Customized products for textile industry would also be exhibited.