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Event express

Event Express
  • NEPCON ASIA 2019

    NEPCON ASIA 2019

    Date: August 28-30, 2019
    Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
    Booth: HALL 2, NO.2J05
    Step-Servo: RS/SS/SSDC series Step-Servo System, TSM/TXM series Integrated Step-Servo Motors.
    Servo: M2 EtherCAT/M2DC series Servo System, M3 series Servo System, MDX series Integrated Servo Motors.
    Stepper: SR/SRAC series Pulse Control Stepper Drives, ST/STAC series Intelligent Stepper Drives, STF series Field Bus Control Stepper Drives, STM/SWM series Integrated Stepper Motors and various types of stepper motors, along with Modbus/RTU, CANopen, EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP industrial field bus control products will also be demonstrated.
    Linear Motors: T Series Intelligent Linear Step motors.
    Linear Actuators: MCB03/06 Series Intelligent Linear Actuators.

  • World Robot Conference (2019WRC)

    World Robot Conference (2019WRC)

    Date: August 20-25, 2019
    Venue: Beijing Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center
    Booth: HALL B, NO.B346
    Stepper Motor Products:
    Miniature stepper motor: NEMA08 Miniature stepper motor with 3.46° and 5° step angle be used in high speed situation.
    Standard stepper motor series: NEMA11 to NEMA34 full series stepper motor products.
    Brushless DC Motor Products:
    • DC Brushless products: Circular series, diameter 16 to 57mm, power range 3~200W, Square series, 42BL~85BL, power range 30~300W.
    • DC Brushless Gearbox Products: GMBL Series.
    Slotless/Coreless Motor Products:
    • DCU Ø13 Ø17 Ø24 series coreless brushed DC motor, ECU Ø13 Ø16 Ø22 series slotless brushless DC motor.
    • PG series planetary gearbox.
    Linear Motion Products:
    • Linear Motors: LE Series External Nut Type, LN Series Non-Captive Shaft Type, LC Series Captive Shaft Type.
    More new technologies and customized products will be exhibited.