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Wireless Supervisor

Wireless IIOT vibration monitoring solution keeps connection to your machinery health.
● Intergrated Vibration & Temperature detection
● Flxible combination of measurement parameters: ACC, VEL, DIS and Temperature in one measurement cycle; trend value or vibration waveform as request
● Sychronize all the sensors(MS-WS100) under the same gateway(MS-WG100)
● Radio frequency Band: EU 868MHz, NA 916MHz, Moons' protocol in closed network (based on IEEE802.15.4)
● AES-128 and SSL encryption for communication protection
Brand Name: MOONS'

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The wireless supervisor machinery condition monitoring system uses wireless sensor and gateway devices to collect vibration and temperature.
WS100 and WG100 are more often used in a large area application where is high density of common machine for achiving cost-effective instead of personal frequently check even overtime or prohibitively expensive wiring, or inaccessible environments exist. Furthermore, WS100 can be used as a flexible mobile application for temporary measurement. Just a few sensors combined with plug-play wireless dongle connected to a personal digital assistant device supported by working in order sampling mode.
Users can then view collected data as spectra, waveform, machine trends, alarm events and statistics reports which will boost maintenance process.
High resolution measurement, Moons’ simultaneous protocol, self check result with battery capacity status and wireless signal status in every data acquisition cycle, provides an effective guarantee for data analysis.

Basic Parameters MS-WS100EU(NA) WS-WG100EU(NA)
Dimension Φ36mm(Max)× 40mm(H, besides antenna) 50mm×102mm×110mm
Weight 123g (within battery) 620g
Case Material Stainless Steel Aluminium alloy 6061
Memory / Data Storage 512KB FRAM 64MB SDRAM / 4GB SD Card (Industrial Grade)
Indicator Various LED indicating function
Battery / Operating Voltage 1/2 AA Lithium-Ion(non-rechargeable), Minimal voltage 3.6V/1000mAh 9V 36V DC, 15W
Operating System Linux 2.6
Mounting Magnetic seat (Force 12Kg)
+ glue assistance (if required, surface polishing needed)
35mm DIN Rail
Operating Environment -40 85
IP rating IP66
Regulation Compliant Safety EN 60950, ETSI EN 61010
Health EN 62479
EMC EN 301 489, IEC 61326-1, CISPR22
Radio EN 300 220, FCC 47 CFR Part 15, ICES-003 6, ANSI C63.4
Safe Transport UN 38.3 (ST/SG/AC. 10/11/Rev.5/Amend.1 & Amend.2 38.3)
Communication Parameters
Wireless Protocol Based on IEEE802.15.4, MOONS' closed network
Frequency Band EU(SRD): 868MHz(863MHz 870MHz), 1 Band
NA(ISM): 915MHz(902MHz
928MHz), 10 Band
Transmission Speed 250kbps
Commnunication Range Max. 300 meters
Transmitting Power -25dBm +11dBm, No Amplifier -25dBm +11dBm + 25dB (with Amplifier, 37 level)
Receive Sensitivity -110dbm(PER = 1%)
Antenna Whip Antenna (Network Matching Optimizaed) Whip Antenna
Ethernet Switch 2 RJ 45 + 2 Optical Fiber10MB/100MB Auto Adaptive
Measurement Group Configuration Parameters
Measurement Group Default: Acceleration / Sensor / Gateway Acquisition Cycle
Expansion: Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement, Temperature (Together or each single one) / Sensor / Gateway Acquisition Cycle
Acquisition Interval Default: 1 Hour; 2 Minutes 1 Day (Depends on sensor quantity and sampling data length of each sensor)
Vibration Measurement Parameters (Only MS-WS100 Series)
A/D Convertor 24 bits of precision
Sensitivity (36mV±3mV)/g
Accuracy ±5% of reading value or ±2 Characters, take the larger value
ACC Measuring Range 10Hz5kHz  0.1m/s2300.00m/s2(Peak)
Frequency Band Min. 10Hz, Max. 5KHz, 2kHz, 1kHz (Default), 500Hz
SPS(Line Resolution) 1K(400,Default), 2K(800), 4K(1600), 8K(3200)
VEL Measuring Range 10Hz2kHz  0.1mm/s200.00mm/s(RMS)
Frequency Band Min. 10Hz, Max. 2kHz, 1kHz (Default), 500Hz, 200Hz
SPS(Line Resolution) 512(200), 1K(400, Default), 2K(800), 4K(1600)
DIS Measuring Range 10Hz1KHz  0.001mm2.00mm(P-P)
Frequency Band Min. 10Hz, Max. 1KHz (Default), 500Hz, 200Hz, 100Hz
SPS(Line Resolution) 256(100), 512(200), 1K(400, Default)
Temperature Measurement Parameters (Only MS-WS100 Series)
Measuring range -40 85 (in accordance with entire product performance)
Accuracy ±3
Display Resolution 0.1
Working Life vs. Environment Temp. & Working Interval (Sampling Parameter: 1KHz bandwidth, 1KSPS)
Temperature / Battery Cap. Acquisition Interval
5 Min. 30 Min. 60 Min. 120 Min.
-40℃/150mAh 12 Days 53 Days 77 Days 102 Days
-20℃/450mAh 37 Days 159 Days 232 Days 309 Days
+20℃/900mAh 77 Days 319 Days 466 Days 608 Days

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