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Portable Vibration Inspector

Not only vibration measuring but also multiple functional data collection are embedded in.
● Support rotation machinery condition inspection by vibration, infrared temperature, rotation speed measurement
● Single vibration channel, 16Bit amplitude resolution, 52K sampling rate, 6400 Lines Spectrum
● Embedded Infrared temperature detection
● Dynamic Balancing (1 plane)
● Route/Off-Route data review, dual cursor Indicator to assist basical analysis
● Flexible data transmission via USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
● Windows CE -based, high performance, rugged designed ,support secondary development.
Brand Name: MOONS'

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MOONS' handheld Vibration Inspector is an application in the industrial field, mainly to meet the rotating machine needs to realize state data of acquisition,recording, storage, query, analysis, summary. The vibration inspection result shows the mechanical parts loss of equipment, such as axis,bearing and gear etc. It helps to make the appropriate equipment maintenance measures, and ensure the good work of the equipment. It permits easy monitoring of key machine normally found in power generation, petrochemical, coal,metallurgy, tobacco and automobile industries.
With Inspection Software can achieve routine and offroutine inspecting; User can create and modify routes in a hierarchical form, define measuring points, types and schedules include specific instructions for operators.
Routine collection of vibration data during inspection rounds makes data of critical machines available on a regular basis, and improving personnel on reasonable arrangement of working time.
If required, user can collect additional data to identify root cause and then prompted to perform corrective actions by multiple function such like infrared temperature detection, digital camera, RFID/NFC, analog interphone, 3G/4G communication.
Conjunction with the pc software, this machine serves for machinery condition management in a plant even expanded to several plants. Upgrading both application program and pc software allows monitoring of unlimited machines, far from 10 machines supported in the basic software. Also, multiple peripherals are supported in different model, please check the selection guide in last page to find the solution for your monitoring needs.
Both MS400/MS600 series product provides data analyzing SDK(Software Development Kit)which let the program easily be invoked by the programmer. It can also incorporate data from other sources, such as MES (Manufacturing Execution System),MIS (Management Information System), EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Basic Parameters MS600EN
Dimension 176×77×32(mm)
Weight 510g (within battery)
Screen (With Touch Pannel) 4.3”TFT480×800 Resolution
Keyboard(IM) Squared layout, especially with independent function key
Support English and Numeric input
Memory / Data Storage 2GB DDR3 RAM / 8GB eMMC (Industrial Grade)
Indicator Configurable sound and various LED indicating function
Battery Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, Nominal 3.7V/3600mAh, 10+ hours continuous working
Operating System Database Android 4.4 / SQL Lite
Operating Environment -20 55
IP rating IP65
Regulation Compliant Safety EN 60950
Health EN 62479
EMC EN 301 489
Radio EN 300 328, EN 301 908
Safe Transport UN 38.3 (ST/SG/AC. 10/11/Rev.5/Amend.1 & Amend.2 38.3), IATA DGR 59
Vibration Measurement Parameters
Sensitivity (Standard Sensor) (50±2)mV/g
Accuracy ±5% or ±2 Characters of reading value, take the larger value
ACC Measuring Range 10Hz10kHz  0.1m/s2400.00m/s2(Peak)
Frequency Band Min. 10Hz, Max. 5kHz(Default), 2kHz, 1kHz
SPS(Line Resolution) 1K(400), 2K(800), 4K(1600,Default), 8K(3200), 16K(6400)
VEL Measuring Range 10Hz1kHz  0.1mm/s400.00mm/s(RMS)
Frequency Band Min. 10Hz, Max. 1kHz(Default), 500Hz, 200Hz
SPS(Line Resolution) 512(200), 1K(400, Default), 2K(800), 4K(1600)¤, 8K(3200), 16K(6400)
DIS Measuring Range 10Hz500Hz  0.001mm4.00mm(P-P)
Frequency Band Min. 10Hz, Max. 500Hz, 200Hz, 100Hz(Default)
SPS(Line Resolution) 256(100, Default), 512(200), 1K(400), 2K(800), 4K(1600), 8K(3200)
Shock Energy Measuring Range 0Hz1kHz  0.1m/s2200.00m/s2(Peak)
Frequency Band HPF: 8KHz, Max. 1kHz, 500Hz(Default), 200Hz, 100Hz
SPS(Line Resolution) 256(100), 512(200), 1K(400, Default), 2K(800), 4K(1600), 8K(3200)
RPM Measurement Parameters
Type Laser beam reflection
Measuring range 505000 RPM (can be extended to 30000 RPM)
Accuracy ±(0.02%n+1) rpm
Effective Measuring Distance Min. 50mm, Max. 3 meters(depend on laser beam brightness)
Display Resolution 1000 RPM, +/-0.5 RPM
1000 RPM, +/-1 RPM
Infrared Temperature Measurement Parameters
Measuring range -20 ~ 400
Accuracy < 0 ℃,±2
0℃,±1 or 1% of reading value, take the larger value
Distance Ratio 20:1
Display Resolution 0.1
Emissivity Ratio 0.1 ~ 1.0 Adjustable, Default is 0.95
Response Time 300ms
Sighting Method Laser marker(1 point)
Safty power < 1mW, compliant with IEC 60825-1 Class 2
Communication Parameters
USB USB2.0 high speed, Max. transmit speed 480MHz
WIFI IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, 2.4GHz ISM, 11Mbps/54Mbps/150Mbps
Bluetooth IEEE 802.14 4.0, compliant with BLE, 2.4GHz ISM, 926Kbps
Camera Parameters
Camera Rear: 5M pixel
Front: 5M pixel, Auto Focus, with Flash Lamp

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