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Motor Length(mm)
Frame Size(mm)
Reduction Ratio
Rated torque(Nm)
Motor shaft diameter(mm)
Full load efficiency

Gearbox is a contained gear train, or a mechanical unit or component consisting of a series of integrated gears within a housing. In fact, the name itself defines what it is a box containing gears. In the most basic sense, a gearbox functions like any system of gears, it alters torque and speed between a driving device like a motor and a load.

ZDE Series Planetary Gearboxes

ZDE series precision planetary reducer provides round mounting flange, which has the characteristics of stable transmission, large bearing capacity, small transmission space and large transmission ratio. Suitable for stepper motors, brushless motors and servo motors with a frame size of 40mm or more.

Spur Gearboxes

spur gearboxes, smooth and quiet operation, wide range of gear ratios, long life and maximum efficiency.