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Portable Vibration Analyzer

Precision vibration analyzer include electrical signal measuring function to support diagnosis of rotation machinery condition.
● Dual Channel, 24Bit Amplitude Resolution, 80KHz Bandwidth, 25600 Lines Spectrum
● High/Low RPM/Frequency Analysis, Cross-Channel Analysis
● Dynamic Balancing (1/2 plane), Long period data measurement
● Shaft orbit and position Analysis, Run up Coast down Analysis
● Remote data monitoring as temporary online monitor
● Route/Off-Route data review, L/R Symmetrical Operation, Dual Cursor Indicator
Brand Name: MOONS'

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Multiple channel vibration analyzer is usually defined as a high-end handheld product to be developed because it is an important part of your predictive field diagnostic system, MS502 is that kind of product.
It performing condition monitoring data collection,analysis, and root cause correction in rotating equipment applications such as motors, fans, pumps, gear boxes and others, not only for common defection analysis but also often used to deal with complicated critical issue which is corresponding to mechanical structure, basement structure, material rigidity and production process control rationality so on.
Two simultaneous vibration channel as well one RPM channel make MS502 to implement comprehensive measurement capability, more dedicated analysis functions such as 2 plane dynamic balancing, orbit plot, cross-channel correlation and phase, long period measuring, also ease of use make it a powerful condition monitoring tool.

Basic Parameters MS502EN
Dimension 270*195*56 (mm)
Weight 1.9Kg (within battery)
Screen 6.5"TFT, 640×480 Resolution
Keyboard(IM) Right and left symmetrical layout, especially with independent function key
Support English and Numeric input
Memory / Data Storage 256MB SDRAM / 4GB SD Card (Industrial Grade)
Indicator Configurable sound and various LED indicating function
Battery Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, Nominal 7.2V / 5000mAh, 8+ hours continuous working
Operating System / Database WinCE 6.0 / SQL Lite
Operating Environment -20~55℃
IP rating IP65
Regulation Compliant Safety EN 60950
Health EN 62479
EMC EN 301 489
Radio EN 300 328
Safe Transport UN 38.3 (ST/SG/AC. 10/11/Rev.5/Amend.1 & Amend.2 38.3), IATA DGR 59
Vibration Measurement Parameters ( Common Acquisition )
A/D Convert 24 bits
Accuracy Common Measurement
(Non simultaneous)
10Hz~10KHz: ±1% (0.1dB)
DC~80KHz: ±5% (Eddy current sensor, DC Voltage measurement)
(tacho trigger, <2KHz)
Amplitude (1X): 3%
Phase (1X): 5 Degree
Noise Floor (Acc Signal Reference) <10uV(P-P)@1KHz Bandwidth (typ.)
<20uV(P-P)@10KHz Bandwidth (typ.)
<50uV(P-P)@80KHz   Bandwidth (typ.)
Dynamic Range 100dB (typical)
Dynamic Input Channel Number AC / DC Input (software selectable): single / dual channel
Constant-current power 2mA constant-current power switch software selectable
Accelerometer input 0~22 V, Full scale vibration level is ±100 g's when using a 100mV/g accelerometer (constant-current power on)
Volts input Full scale ±30V (constant-current power off)
Tacho input TTL pluse or user defined non-standard pluse
Sensor type Accelerometer (Standard), Dynamic sensor with a voltage output (any DC-type signal)
Frequency Band Configuration Min. 0Hz, 2Hz, 10Hz, 1KHz
Max.50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz, 400Hz, 500Hz, 800Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz, 4KHz, 5KHz, 8KHz, 10KHz, 20KHz, 40KHz, 50KHz, 80KHz
Frequency Resolution Configuration 100Hz, 200Hz, 400Hz, 800Hz, 1600Hz, 3200Hz, 6400Hz, 12800Hz, 25600Hz
Measuring Range
(Standard Sensor)
ACC 0-1000m/s2 (Peak, Equivalent by RMS) @0.2Hz~80kHz
VEL 0.1mm/s280.00mm/s(RMS) @ 2Hz1kHz
DIS 02mm (Peak, Equivalent by RMS) @ 2Hz500Hz
Number of Averages 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256
Overlap 0%,25%,50%,75%
RPM Measurement Parameters
RPM Measuring range 30RPM ~ 300000RPM(0.5hz~5Khz)
Tach input level TTL input, built-in conditioning for user defined non-standard signals, adjustable trigger level
-30V to 30V input level,plus amptitude votage great than 5 V (amptitude = tach input signal - tach input common ) (eg -6V high   and -15V low  plus )
Dynamic signal ground is isolated when TTL input in common mode
Standard TTL Sensor Laser beam reflection
Accuracy ±(0.02%n+1) rpm
Effective Measuring Distance Min. 50mm, Max. 1.5 meters(depend on laser beam brightness)
Display Resolution ≤1000 RPM, ±0.5 RPM
≥1000 RPM, ±1 RPM
Communication Parameters
USB USB2.0 high speed, Max. transmit speed 480MHz
WIFI IEEE 802.11 b/g, 2.4GHz ISM, 11Mbps/54Mbps
Bluetooth IEEE 802.14 2.0, 2.4GHz ISM, 926Kbps

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User Manual
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MS502 Dual Channel Vibration Analyzer_User Manual.pdf PDF 8744
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MS502EN Dual Channel Vibration Analyzer_DS02_MOONS'_20181228.pdf PDF 2992

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