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Application Demo for Multi-Axis Pick-and-Place

The multi-axis pick-and-place demo by MOONS' demonstrates their expertise in motion control technology. It showcases its range of products, including step-servo motors, stepper motors, servo motors, and BLDC motors. With 9 axes of synchronized motion, the demo is controlled by a Windows PC that uses Serial Command Language (SCL) commands to communicate with all the axes over an RS-485 communications bus. The demo comprises four main functions: PART A: Gantry pick-and-place that moves pawns from conveyor to rotary table 1. X-axis linear actuator – Servo axis 2. Y-axis linear actuator – Servo axis 3. Z-axis linear actuator – Step-Servo axis 4. Electric gripper – Stepper axis PART B: Rotary pick-and-place that moves pawns from rotary table to conveyor 1. Theta axis rotary actuator – Step-Servo axis 2. Z-axis linear actuator – Step-Servo axis 3. Electric gripper – Stepper axis PART C: Rotary table that indexes pawns through 8 positions – Step-Servo axis PART D: Conveyor that moves the pawns between pick-and-place stations – BLDC axis