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Ball screw linear stepping motor use precautions


Lubrication can reduce friction, reduce temperature rise, improve efficiency, reduce noise, and increase operating life. Ball screw linear stepping motor lead screw has been greased prior to delivery. Please contact the factory in advance if grease is not required. (Grease reference: synthetic oil as the base oil and No. 2 lithium-based grease as the consistency grade.) Ball screw linear stepping motor

Inspection and supply of lubricants

The lubricant should be checked after two to three months of operation. If the dirt is evident, it is recommended that the old grease be removed and the new grease be applied. Following the initial inspection and supply, the interval is usually every other year, but there may be differences based on the different operations; please set the interval accordingly.

Dustproof and anti-corrosion

It is recommended that you use the product in a clean environment. It is possible for poor performance to be caused by the attachment of rubbish and foreign matter. Use the product under non-corrosive conditions, otherwise, the ball screw will corrode and the action will be unreliable.

Be careful with falling off of components due to their own weight

Due to its low friction factor, a ball screw's shaft or nut may fall off as a result of its own weight. Ensure that your hands and fingers are not caught under the fallen component.

Do not disassemble a nut

Do not attempt to reassemble balls that have fallen off nut shafts or nuts that have been removed from shafts and return them to our company for repair. (In this case, repairing charges will be incurred.) Please consult our technical department before disassembling the nut yourself.

Pay careful attention to mounting accuracy

A moment load caused by misalignment of a ball screw, bearing, guide, nut, and housing as well as improper angularity may result in malfunction, extraordinary noise, abnormal vibration, shorter product life, and possible breakage of the screw shaft due to rotating bending fatigue. It is important to be cautious when dealing with such defects as they may result in serious injuries.

Eccentric load

Ball screws are mechanical elements that produce axial thrust. Due to its structure, it cannot withstand radial and torque loads, otherwise, the screw will bend and the life of the screw will be diminished. It is also possible for eccentric loads to be caused by a misalignment between the motor and the nut mount.

Rocking motion

The dynamic torque tends to increase gradually when the ball screw repeats its short-stroke and positive inversion due to the mutual extrusion of the balls. By using the whole stroke at regular intervals, this problem can be resolved.

Storage and Safekeeping

The products should be stored horizontally and in a dry environment. It is recommended not to store the lead screw for more than three months in order to prevent the grease on the surface of the screw from volatilizing and condensing.