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MOONS' Stepper Motor PowerPlus Technology

MOONS' PowerPlus technology provides 25% to 40% more torque across the entire speed range of the motor. The increased torque is a result of higher motor efficiency and is available without increasing the drive voltage or current.

Powerplus Technology Typical Applications:

Machine Upgrades: Changing existing machines to PowerPlus motors can be a quick path to new models with improved performance. Because the motor, drive, and mechanical parts remain the same, benefits include:
• Faster new product introduction
• Reduced engineering costs
• Easy production phase in
• Reduced spare parts inventory
Correct stalling problems with existing machines:
Problems with occasional machine stalling are often due to unexpected field conditions such as low temperature, dirt, and customers using machines in unexpected ways. Using PowerPlus motors can be a quick effective solution.
Overcome drive or power supply limitations in new designs:
In situations where increasing drive current or voltage is not feasible, PowerPlus motors can be an advantageous solution. In many designs, increasing drive current would require a significantly more expensive drive, and increasing drive voltage may not be practical or safe. PowerPlus motors offer a cost-effective and safe solution by providing additional torque without the need for increased current or voltage. These motors use innovative technology to optimize the magnetic circuit, resulting in higher torque output. As a result, PowerPlus motors are ideal for applications that require high torque output in a compact and efficient package.
Conventional Motor
Some of the torque-producing magnetic flux that links the rotor to the stator is outside the stator teeth. This stray flux adds little to motor torque.
PowerPlus Technology
Magnets between the stator teeth redirect most of the stray magnetic flux into the stator teeth. This produces additional torque with the same input power.
MOONS' Stepper Motor PowerPlus Technology