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The light could be alive—Motorized Lighting Solution

Motorized Lighting Solution Motorized Lighting Solution Motorized Lighting Solution controlling software


Light Control: Offer intensity and color temperature control. Grouping: It is possible to control all luminaires in the group together or to open the group for individual control. Scenes: Multiple luminaires can be controlled with a single tap to create the perfect ambiance for a variety of occasions and purposes. Animations: Lighting can fade from one scene to another in dynamic scenes. Animated sequences can be recalled to cycle through different lighting situations once or set to repeat. Calendar & Timer: Scenes and animations can be turned on and off based on a convenient time, date, or certain weekdays to fit users' needs. seasons and different activities. Gallery: By taking a photo or uploading a floor plan, users are able to mark the location of luminaires in a space. In the app, the images are displayed in a gallery. Luminaires are displayed, and users can select the one they wish to control by tapping it.