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The Advantages Of MOONS' Injection Stepper Motor Applications by MOONS'

The Advantages Of MOONS' Injection Stepper Motor

Encapsulation Technology From MOONS' Offers Many Advantages


Ideal for Security Cameras

In addition to all the advantages of normal step motors, these new encapsulated motors can help achieve a breakthrough in miniaturization of security cameras. Small step motors are a core component in security camera systems. With MOONS’ encapsulation technology, the 36mm diameter motor is now available with a thickness as little as 12.8mm.



Low Temperature Rise

The winding resistance of these new motors is nearly 30% lower than other motors with the same thickness and output-torque. In addition, the new encapsulation technology increases the heatconducting property of these motors. The lower winding resistance and improved thermal conductivity combine to drastically lower the temperature of these motors to less than 80% of standard motors.


35% More Torque

Lower resistance coils allows these

encapsulated motors to handle more power.

With the same temperature rise. These

motors can produce 35% more torque.

Quieter & Smoother

New materials and improved manufacturing processes,

means these motors have a higher precision, more stable

design. This controls vibration and reduces noise. It also

makes the motor run smoothly.

injection stepper motor, high torque smooth, low heat,low temperature rise, quiet, long life,


More Load & Longer Life

MOONS’ encapsulated stepping motors use large bearings that can handle large axial and radial loads, ensure long life.



Encapsulated stepping motors are RoHS compliant.


environmental friendly

Molded Construction

Encapsulated winding             Runs cooler – Longer life
Better sealing                         Longer life
Reduced vibration                  Smoother moves - Quieter

High Winding Fill

Larger wire size                      More torque
Uses less energy                     Longer battery life

Large Ball Bearings

Large shaft loads                      Fewer design restrictions
Long Life                                 27 times with the same load