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The Advantages Of MOONS' Injection Stepper Motor

Encapsulation Technology from MOONS' Offers Many Advantages.


MOONS' encapsulated motors provide a significant advancement in the miniaturization of security cameras, offering all the benefits of standard stepper motors with additional features. As a crucial component in security camera systems, small step motors require compact design and high precision. MOONS' encapsulation technology achieves this by reducing the thickness of the 36mm diameter motor to as little as 12.8mm.


These new encapsulated motors have a lower winding resistance than other motors of the same thickness and output torque, with a reduction of almost 30%. This is achieved through the use of innovative winding techniques and advanced materials. Moreover, the encapsulation technology applied to these motors enhances their heat-conducting properties, resulting in a significant decrease in operating temperature. The, the temperature of these motors is lowered to less than 80% of that of standard motors, ensuring better performance and reliability.

35% More Torque

Lower resistance coils allow these encapsulated motors to handle more power.  With the same temperature rise. These motors can produce 35% more torque. 35% More Torque

Quieter & Smoother

Thanks to new materials and improved manufacturing processes, the latest generation of motors boasts higher precision and a more stable design. This enhanced stability enables the motor to run smoothly, while also minimizing vibration and reducing noise.

More Load & Longer Life

MOONS' encapsulated stepping motors use large bearings that can handle large axial and radial loads, ensuring long life.


Encapsulated stepping motors are RoHS compliant. Encapsulated stepping motors are RoHS compliant