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What are Dimming Curves and How to Choose?

When we examine the specifications of LED drivers or dimmers, we often see the keyword "Dimming curves". This refers to how LED drivers set electrical parameters in response to control signals. This signal is translated by the driver into an electrical current that powers the LED. As a result, we can perceive the brightness of the light coming from the lamp. To accommodate the designer's preferences and load response changes, MOONS' LED drivers offer a variety of dimmer curve options that can be adapted to the dimmers and controllers from LUTRON, LEVITON, and HELVAR. We will now discuss three types of dimming curves in this article.

1. Linear Dimming Curves

Linear Dimming Curves Linear dimming curves of LED drivers result in a linear relationship between the brightness output and the digital signal value translated by the LED driver. As an example, if the digital signal value is 20%, the brightness output will also be 20%. In daily life, the human eye adapts to a wide range of dimming environments.

2. Logarithmic Dimming Curves

Logarithmic Dimming Curves In logarithmic dimming curves, the digital signal value changes slower at deeper dimming levels while faster at the brighter end. This will achieve natural changes in brightness, smooth dim to black at low levels of light output. Normally, it is used in the commercial light applications.

3. Square law Dimming Curves

Square law Dimming Curves Most traditional luminaires emit invisible light at low levels of light output. At low control levels, a square law curve increases the dimming effect. Infrared loss may be overcompensated by a standard square law dimming curve. At present, MOONS' released a new generation of intelligent LED drivers –  S series of intelligent LED drivers, accompany by Smartkey (LED driver programmer), including a variety of dimming curves that are optional. Here are the dimming curves that MOONS' LED drivers build in. Customers can select curves as needed in the software. See the table below.
Dimming Interface Dimming Curves
DALI Linear, Log
DMX Linear, Log, Gamma, Square
0-10V Linear, Log
MOONS' Dimming Curves MOONS' Dimming Curves Dimming Curves Selection in the Smartkey software Dimming Curves Selection in the Smartkey software