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Screw Lead(mm)
Maximum Horizontal Load(kg)
Maximum travel range(mm)
Maximum Vertical Load(kg)
Maximun Travel Speed(mm/sec)
Positioning Repeatability(mm)

CS Series Linear Slides 

MOONS' CS Series linear modules position the screw and rail horizontally to minimize height dimensions. It is compact and easy to install. It provides a linear motion solution for the majority of mechanical equipment developers with more configuration, more convenient operation and better product consistency.
  • CS35 Series Linear Slides

    CS35 Series Linear Slides

    CS35, Miniature linear slides has the characteristics of small volume, high effect, strong rigidity and high precision. At the same time, the selection is simple, the delivery period is short, and the installation is convenient.
  • Item Screw Lead
    Rated Current
    Positioning Repeatability
    Maximum travel range
    Maximum Horizontal Load
    Maximum Vertical Load
    Maximun Travel Speed
    CS35-3C20T-LAB1-50-0 6.35 1.5 ±0.05 50 4.5 3 180.4.x61x38.85 63.5