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Input Voltage(Vac)
Output Power(W)
Output Voltage(V)
Output Current(mA)
Dimming Mode
Driver Type
Number of Output Channels

General Drivers 

Dimmable General LED Drivers With 10KV surge level and IP67 ingress protection level, the MOONS' LED drivers are reliable for choosing for outdoor application. They are created for high bay, tunnel and roadway lights. The high efficiency of these drivers and compact metal case enables them to run cooler, significantly improving reliability and extending product life. At present, MOONS’ launched CP and CLKS series LED drivers (Their brand name are ending with "CP" or "CLKS"). All those drivers' parameters can be modified through MSSL200, such as output current value, start time, fade up time, selecting dimming mode and so on, which can meet other special and customized requirement.

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Here are the typically best seller that we recommended.• MU320HxxxAQ_CP Series• ME200HxxxAQ_CP Series• MT320HxxxAQ_CP Series

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The MOONS' general  LED drivers are so powerful that you can configure them to fit your lighting projects. From the document below you will understand why MOONS' LED drivers are popular with lighting engineer from the world.• 0-10V Dimming Basics and Troubleshooting

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From this video, you can see how MOONS' LED drivers making life colorful and beautiful.
  • MU150AxxxAP Series

    MU150AxxxAP Series

    With an output power of 150 watts, this constant voltage driver can be used to run back-lit ad signs, architecture lighting, landscape lighting and even more.
  • Item V_in
    Efficiency (230Vac) P_out
    Driver Type V_out
    Dimming Mode Price
    MU150A024AP 90-305 84% 150 CV 24 0-6250 No dimming