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Step Angle
Motor Length(mm)
Nominal Voltage
Holding Torque(Nm)
Holding Torque(oz-in)
Frame Size(mm)
Reduction Ratio

Stepper Motors 

MOONS' offers the most impressive products of stepper motion control in the industry. Our stepper product line includes Hybrid Stepper Motors, Permanent Magnet Stepper Motors, Closed Loop Stepper Motors (Step-Servo motors). MOONS' stepper products range from the smallest φ8mm series with 0.06 ounce-inches of holding torque, to the largest NEMA42 series, with up to 4500 ounce-inches of holding torque. We provide our customers with a wide selection of stepper motors sizes, phases, and step angles. Furthermore, we can create custom modifications to motor's lead wires and connectors, customized mounting brackets or motors housings for proper fit and alignment, or customized motor shafts with gears or pulleys to drive. Also, in addition, we can also extend the motor's capabilities with value-add components such as gear boxes, encoders and dampers, or even custom electronics.
  • 20mm Permanent Magnet Stepper Motors

    20mm Permanent Magnet Stepper Motors

    Miniature Permanent Magnet DC Stepper Motor, Small Size, 20mm Diameter, 2 phase, 18°
  • Item Phase Length
    Rated Current
    Holding Torque
    Holding Torque
    Holding Torque
    Reduction Ratio Coil Type Nominal Voltage Price
    PG22L45.2-20PM020L0-22 2 60 0.5 0.2 200 28.32 45.2 Bi-Polar 30Vdc
    PG22L71.7-20PM020L0-21 2 55 0.46 0.42 420 59.47 71.7 Bi-Polar 30Vdc