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"PBC&MOONS' Product Line" Launch Online
July 15, 2016 PBC&MOONS' products launched online after great efforts and preparation on July 15th, 2016. The "linear actuator" category includes: open architecture linear actuator, sealing architecture linear actuator and lead screw motor. PBC & MOONS' linear actuators can be divided into three types according to the different drive types: ball screw drive, belt drive and lead screw drive. Meanwhile, we can choose different kinds of rails from customers' different application environment flexibly, such as: gliding surface rail, V-guide rail and profile rail. PBC & MOONS' linear actuators are widely used in FA, mechanical and electronic engineering, packing, welding, fixities, 3D printing, medical instruments Lab equipment and so on. You can download our catalogs online. In future days, we will replenish more contents and drawings of actuators for customers online download. The fulfillment of PBC & MOONS' business will make total motion control solution of MOONS' much more competitive. It's expected to bring more value and business opportunity for our customers and partners. PBC&MOONS' Product Line Launch Online