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MOONS' Japan Successfully Held Intelligent LED Driver Seminar
November 29, 2017 MOONS' Japan successfully held Intelligent LED Driver Seminar on 22nd Nov, 2017, in Yokohama, Japan. More than 30 companies attended the seminar includes: DNL,Yamada-shome, Delta,Stanley,Toshiba. We are aim to introduce the new S series intelligent drivers, demonstrate dynamic demoes and announcements of applications. After detailed introduction by Mr. Ashinuma who comes from MOONS' Japan, honored guests know S series will still has main feature that 0.1% deep dimming. Moreover, lot of new functions has been added to S series driver already like: NFC programming, 12V-150mA auxiliary output, 15V-100mA DALI power supply etc. As a professional of lighting, Mr. Nakahata owns in-depth knowledge of LED driver in the market. After seminar he made a comments on MOONS' that the S series intelligent LED driver holds the consistent design idea that easy to use and solve customer's pain spot. Meanwhile he thought that the main feature of MOONS' intelligent driver is 0.1% deep dimming. Although this specific dimming level request is not extensive in office lighting now. 0.1% deep dimming will own great significance when the application of tunable white and color changing increase in the future. This seminar indicates that in Japanese customers are full of expectations and confidence of MOONS' products. MOONS' will get to know customer's requirements continually and keep in touch with them closely. MOONS' Japan Successfully Held Intelligent LED Driver Seminar