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Working Together to Defeat the COVID-19 Outbreak
April 07, 2020 Facing the pandemic, the whole society are working together to defeat COVID-19. As the most affected area of the pandemic, Hubei's pandemic affects the hearts of countless people. After the donation to Health Center of Xiangqiao Township, Qichun County, Huanggang City, Hubei Province, Mr. James Chang, president of MOONS', once again started a donation campaign for the areas most affected by the pandemic, with the donation quickly received from shareholders and employees. MOONS' got in touch with the Hubei Charity Federation of Xiaogan City introduced by the National association of industry and commerce. Xiaogan City was heavily affected by the outbreak of COVID-19, with large amount of people confirmed just left behind Wuhan and more than 100 people died by the virus. MOONS' learned that first-line hospitals are in urgent need of ventilators, electrocardiogram, hemodialysis machine and a series of medical equipment. Particularly, there's a lack of medical CPAP ventilators. MOONS' immediately mobilized global resources to look for this kind of equipment. Within just two days, the donation was used up to urgently purchase a batch of 30 CPAP ventilators, which were immediately delivered to the front-line of the pandemic battle. As there are purchase limits for all medical supplies, MOONS' persuaded the supplier and clarified its purchase intention. The supplier was finally convinced to provide the goods. The ventilators arrived at the company two days ahead of expected. MOONS' people once again persuaded the courier company to temporarily add a line of logistics, so that this batch of medical equipment can be delivered to the front-line of Xiaogan City, which was not originally open for logistics during the pandemic. As of February 27, 2020, 30 medical ventilators prepared to be delivered to Xiaogan. With the love of every MOONS' people, they are donated to contribute for the battle against the pandemic. We believed that with the joint efforts of the entire community, we will win this battle finally! Be strong Hubei! Be strong, China! Working Together to Defeat the COVID-19 Outbreak