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MOONS' Slotless Motors Play a Critical Roles when the Urgent Call Comes from North American Customer which under Time Stress to Provide Ventilators to Hospital and Health Care Center
May 15, 2020 With global spread of COVID-19, the medical institutions are facing shortage of respirator equipment. As a supplier of key medical components, we are prioritizing the production and supply of our motors to support companies producing medical devices critical to the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Especially those produce medical ventilators and equipment needed for respiratory care. At the end of March, 2020, an urgent request from a North American customer ordered a batch of slotless motors for respirators using for treating COVID-19 patients. Due to the special requirements of respirator application, MOONS' had limited time to supply a customized solution. However, our R&D engineers completed a new structural and electromagnetic scheme within one day and delivered the sample within one week. While the sample succeeded, MOONS' immediately started mass production. Meanwhile, with the great support of MOONS' suppliers and hard work of MOONS' team, which ensure on-time delivery for customer and comply with the quality and quantity. MOONS' makes an important contribution in ensuring the reliable operation of equipment by providing both components & assembly of these now vital applications and is doing its very best to safeguard supply. These challenging times call on our values now more than ever, and we are steadfast in our commitment to fulfill our mission in helping the fight against COVID-19. Slotless Motors