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Coreless for Infrared Thermography – DCU Series
June 17, 2020 MOONS' is dedicating to deliver rapid temperature measurement solutions for infrared cameras companies' by providing quantified coreless motors and matching planetary gearboxes. Ø10mm & Ø13mm solution
MOONS' DCU series coreless products provide high performance with high power density and high efficiency. Speed up to 12,000 rpm, and motor control is simpler. When you couple it with gearbox, you can get high torque, and the encoder can be used in accurate positioning application.   • Ironless winding
  • Compact design
  • Low current consumption
  • No cogging
Ø10mm & Ø13mm solution Infrared Thermography uses photoelectric technology to detect the infrared specific waveband signal of the thermal radiation of the object, convert the signal into images and graphics that can be distinguished by human vision, and further calculate the temperature value. Infrared Thermography technology allows humans to surpass visual obstacles, so that people can "see" the temperature distribution on the surface of objects. The Infrared thermocamera can quickly identify the temperature in the room, and the detector can indicate the temperature rise or fever of the infected individual. Therefore, the technology has been used worldwide at control points. MOONS' coreless motors provide compact size and high performance for enhanced accuracy and speed of operation of camera. MOONS' is constantly committed to the development of new products and provides customers with more performance value experience at the same cost. We have been developing planetary gearbox, encoder and more options to meet the market needs.