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MOONS' support flood relief efforts in Henan
July 31, 2021 Recently, torrential rainfall hit Henan province and caused heavy casualties and property losses. The disaster has affected the hearts of the people all over the country, as well as Shanghai MOONS'! MOONS' management attached great importance to the disaster. On the second day after learning about the disaster in Zhengzhou, Henan province, MOONS' has responded rapidly with a donation through the Glorious Cause Promotion Association, Minhang District, SH. The donation will be exclusively used in flood control and disaster relief, health and epidemic prevention and post-disaster reconstruction in Henan Province. MOONS' has been committed to fulfilling its social responsibility since its inception. We have successively participated in the village-enterprise pairing work in poverty alleviation in Yunnan Province, and the donations of funds and materials in fighting against COVID-19 in 2020, etc. Of course, MOONS' will redouble our efforts for the poverty alleviation and development in the remote, backward region and fighting against the raging pandemic. "Enterprises, the country and the people working together to tide over difficulties" is the best embodiment of MOONS' in actively fulfilling its social responsibility! MOONS' support flood relief efforts in Henan