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 MOONS’ intelligent lighting illuminated Shanghai Changjiang road tunnel

MOONS’ provided smart, intelligent lighting solution and professional technical supports for Shanghai Changjiang road tunnel.

On September 10th, Shanghai Changjiang road tunnel successfully opened to traffic. The tunnel connects Baoshan and Pudong district, which is the widest road tunnel across Huangpu River and the only one with the capacity of heavily-loaded vehicles within Shanghai outer ring currently. Moreover, the 4.9 km tunnel is the first two-way six lanes road tunnel with a projected speed of 60 km, which will greatly ease the traffic pressure of outer ring and improve the regional traffic environment.

As the professional intelligent lighting control system and driver supplier, MOONS’ provided smart, intelligent lighting solution and professional technical supports for the tunnel. It will undoubtedly be one of the important cases in the development of MOONS’ tunnel lighting.

Changjiang road tunnel project uses clean and efficient LED lighting source instead of high pressure sodium fixtures to strengthen the lighting of the entrance. There are a total of 2570 sets of lighting fixtures installed on the 4.9 km main road tunnel. In the entrance zone, the intelligent LED tunnel lighting control system MOONS’ provided together with the latest natural light guide program can automatically adjust the intensity of illumination in real time ,which is the true way to completely eliminate the threat of traffic safety "white hole effect" and "black hole effect "security risk. In addition to this, the operator in the monitoring center can easily collect and analysis the data as voltage, current, power consumption and run time anytime, which makes it more efficient to alarm and process the malfunctions of the lighting fixtures, reduce the labor intensity of operator and save the maintenance cost. Last but not least, the entire system also includes a remote online upgrade capability and Web Service software interconnection interface, which provides unlimited possibilities for future feature upgrades and system compatibility program extension.