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MOONS' DMX Intelligent driver is ideal for stage, landscape, Architecture, Agriculture Lighting applications. Four output channel
● Input voltage: 90~305 VAC
● Output current range: 200~1050mA (settable)●Dimming performance: 0→0.1%→100% dimming range, Flicker Free, Gamma2.2/Square/Linear/Logarithmic Curve,16 bits resolution
● Various programming methods: TouchSetting programming, Cable programming
● Waterproof: IP20, Built-in type
Brand Name: MOONS'
Price: USD  100.0  EA
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Parameter Unit Value
V_in Vac 90-305
Frequence Hz 47~63
Efficiency (120Vac) 86%
Efficiency (230Vac) 86%
P_out W 50
Driver Type CC
V_out V 8-50
I_out mA 200-1050
Dimming Mode DMX(RDM)
Dimming Range 0.1%-100%
IP Rating IP20
Output Channels 4
Line Regulation 1%
Operating temperature -40~+50℃
Surge Level L-N: 2.5KV, L/N-FG: 2.5KV
Mechnical Construct Slim
Size mm 438.8x30x21.7
Weight kg 0.396
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MU050S105DQI800 2D PDF 21
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MU050S105DQI800 3D STEP 1340
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MU050S105DQI800 Specification EN PDF 590
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UL PDF 332
CE PDF 225
CB PDF 238