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Constant Current,PWM,0-10V,Clock Dimming
● 10~100% Dimming,dim to off
● 400~6000mA
● 26-65VDC
● 191 x191 x 76.5 mm
● 12V/50mA Aux
● L-N:4KV L/N-FG:6KV
Brand Name: MOONS'
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Parameter Unit Value
V_in Vac 249-528
P_out W 260
Driver Type CC
V_out V 26-56
I_out mA 400-6000
Dimming Mode 0-10V,PWM,CLKS
Certification UL/CUL
IP Rating IP67
Output Channels 1
Surge Level L-N:±4KV L/N-FG:±6KV
Mechnical Construct Metal housing
Title Type Size(KB) Download
MT260R600AQ1_CP_AUX.pdf PDF 726
Title Type Size(KB) Download
MT260RxxxAQ1_CP UL Type TL.pdf PDF 243