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The Step-Servo is an innovative revolution for the world of stepper motor, it enhances the stepper motors with servo technology to create a product with exceptional feature and broad capability.TSM is MOONS’ 3rd generation integrated Step-Servo and compact motor+drive+encoder+controller all-in-one solution. With improved technology, TSM upgrades significant key features based on 2nd generation SSM and operates more efficient and intelligent.
● Multi-axis field bus control
● Intelligent built-in controller
● Compact all-in-one solution
● Efficient, smooth, accurate, fast
● Enhanced motor, optimized design
Brand Name: MOONS'
Price: USD  392.0  EA
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Parameter Unit Value
Supply Voltage 12-70 VDC
Control Modes Pulse & Direction Mode
Frame Size mm 56
Shaft diameter mm 8
Holding Torque Nm 0.9
Rotor Inertia gcm² 260
Communication Ports RS-232
Digital Inputs 4
Digital Outputs 3
Analog Inputs NA
Encoder Feedback YES
Encoder Output YES
Operating Temp. 0 ~ 40
Approvals CE,RoHS
IP Rating IP20
Weight kg 0.85
2D Drawings
Title Type Size(KB) Date View times Download
TSM23P-2AG_2D Drawing.dwg DWG 159 2017-05-18 0
TSM23P-2AG_2D Drawing.pdf PDF 52 2017-05-18 0
3D Model
Title Type Size(KB) Date View times Download
TSM23P-2AG_3D Drawing.step STEP 3845 2017-05-18 2
Title Type Size(KB) Date View times Download
TSM23 Series_Brochure.pdf PDF 4113 2017-05-18 35
User Manual
Title Type Size(KB) Date View times Download
TSM23P_User Manual.pdf PDF 1942 2017-05-18 12
Title Type Size(KB) Date View times Download
TSM23 Series_RoHS.pdf PDF 230 2017-05-18 5
TSM23 Series_CE.pdf PDF 1123 2017-05-18 4
Title Type Size(KB) Date View times Download
RS485 Bus Utility Setup RAR 1834 2017-06-14 101
CANopen Test Tool RAR 4768 2017-06-14 85
Step-Servo Quick Tuner Setup RAR 36128 2017-06-08 16

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