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25W/35W Ex mb LED Driver


25W/35W Ex mb LED Driver

• Certification:IECEx(IECEx TPS 21.0008U), ATEX (TPS 21 ATEX 046839 0192U)
ATEXII 2 G Ex mb IIC Gb (Suitable for use in Zone 1)
• Dimming Range:10%-100%,dim to off
• Isolated 0-10V / PWM / DALI Dimming
• -50℃ ~ +90℃ Service Temperature
• Meet multiple standards(Including safety/EMC)
  IEC60079-0, IEC60079-18, IEC 60533, IEC 60945
  IEC61347-1 , IEC61347-2-13, UL8750, UL1012, UL1310, CSA C22.2 NO.107.1
  EN55015/FCC Part 15 Class B, EN6100-3-2 Class C, EN61000-3-3
  EN61000-4-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11 (Surge L, N-FG 6KV, L-N 4KV), EN 61547

    Electrical Specification

    Model No. Input Voltage Maximum Output Power Output Current Output Voltage Dimming Auxiliary Output
    MU025H105AQ_MB/AUX 100-277Vac
    25W 300-1050mA 18-48V 0-10V/Programmable 12V
    MU035H105AQ_MB/AUX 35W 300-1050mA 20-50V
    MU035H105AQ_MB/DALI 25W 300-1050mA 18-48V DALI/Programmable N/A
    MU035H105AQ_MB/DALI 35W 300-1050mA 20-50V
    MU025H105AQ_MB/F 25W 300-1050mA 18-48V Fixed Output Current N/A
    MU035H105AQ_MB/F 35W 300-1050mA 20-50V
    MU035H080AQ_xxxx*1 35W 200-800mA 26-66V OPTION*1 OPTION*1
    MU035H053AQ_xxxx*1 35W 150-530mA 40-100V
    Remarks: *1 For these models, please contact us for specific discussion.


    25W/35W Ex LED Driver Dimension