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    ECH13048 - Ø13mm High Speed Slotless Motor Newly Launched

    MOONS' proudly introduces the ECH13048, a new high-speed slotless motor that achieves a maximum speed of nearly 70,000 RPM and delivers over 50 Watts of power, offering dependable and efficient power solutions for a wide range of applications. ECH13048 high speed slotless motor

    1. High-speed operation, excellent stability

    The ECH13048 boasts a rated speed of up to 60,000 RPM and robust torque output, ensuring exceptional performance in high-speed applications. Ideal for factory automation, medical equipment, and clinical diagnostics and fluid handling, this motor delivers outstanding stability and efficiency, empowering your equipment with continuous, reliable energy.

    2. Small size, powerful energy

    Despite its compact dimensions, with a diameter of just Ø13mm, the ECH13048 delivers astonishingly powerful performance. Its innovative design achieves an efficiency of up to 92%, effortlessly operating within confined spaces. This motor provides robust power support, enhancing the flexibility and adaptability of your equipment.

    3. High power density

    High power density signifies that slotless motors like the ECH13048 can deliver greater power output within the same compact footprint, ensuring enhanced stability and reliability for your equipment. Thanks to its superior power density, the ECH13048 consistently maintains your equipment in optimal operating condition.

    4. Integrated body, more reliable quality

    The ECH13048 features an integrated body design, which eliminates welds for a seamless, aesthetically pleasing appearance. This robust construction enhances both durability and reliability, offering substantial protection and support for your equipment.
    Nominal voltage V 24
    No load speed rpm 66700
    No load current mA 530
    Rated speed rpm 63000
    Max. continuous torque mNm 8.1
    Max. continuous current A 2.91
    Stall torque mNm 148.8
    Stall current A 43.6
    Max efficiency % 92
    Resistance (phase-phase) Ohm 0.55
    Inductance (phase-phase) mH 0.035
    Torque constant mNm / A 3.41
    Speed constant rpm / V 2800
    Speed/torque gradient rpm / mNm 452
    Mechanical time constant ms 1.45
    ECH13048 high speed slotless motor characteristic Diagram

    5. Perfect combination, improve multiple performance

    The ECH13048 is versatile, functioning not only independently but also in conjunction with MOONS' MH13 high-performance encoder, which ensures stable signal acquisition, processing, and output during high-speed operations. The encoder is seamlessly integrated within the motor housing, maintaining the motor's compact length. Additionally, the motor's tail is sealed with a special resin, enhancing the encoder's reliability in demanding environments. For applications requiring higher torque and precision, the motor can be equipped with a high-speed gearbox, offering enhanced performance options.

    MOONS' offers an extensive range of motors, encompassing universal, high-speed, high-torque, and sterilization-specific models, tailored to the diverse requirements of various industries. Whether for robotics, medical devices, or power tools, MOONS' delivers customized solutions that align with specific needs. Committed to ongoing innovation, MOONS' strives to enhance the quality of its products and services, delivering superior, more efficient motion control solutions across multiple sectors.