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    New Product Release | Ø19mm Series Slotless Motors Improve the Holding Experience of Handheld Devices

    In order to provide customers with more choices of slotless products, MOONS' has successfully developed a new Ø19mm series slotless motor (model ECU19058), positioned between the Ø16mm and Ø22mm motor sizes. This new product features a compact structure and strong output performance, offering customers an enhanced user experience in handheld device applications. Ø19mm series slotless motors

    1. Ø19mm size is suitable for handheld devices to improve the holding experience

    In the field of handheld devices, especially in industries such as medical equipment and power tools, the comfort and convenience of holding are crucial. The ECU19058 motor, with its compact size, provides strong power while minimizing the overall size of the device. This reduction in device size enhances the comfort and ease of handling for users, offering a more comfortable holding experience.

    2. The ECU19058 slotless motor has strong power

    The ECU19058 slotless motor not only features a compact size but also boasts a patented slotless motor winding design. These attributes allow it to achieve a combination of high efficiency and high-power density within a limited space. In terms of both output performance and stability, the ECU19058 has reached a high standard in the industry.
    Nominal voltage V 12
    No load speed rpm 14800
    No load current mA 260
    Nominal speed rpm 13260
    Max. continuous torque mNm 30.6
    Max. continuous current A 4.21
    Stall torque mNm 258
    Stall current A 33.33
    Max efficiency % 86
    Resistance (phase-phase) Ohm 0.35
    Inductance (phase-phase) mH 0.04
    Torque constant mNm / A 7.74
    Speed constant rpm / V 1234
    Speed/torque gradient rpm / mNm 57
    Mechanical time constant ms 1.54
    Ø19mm slotless motors characteristic diagram

    3. Rich configuration to meet various application requirements

    To meet the diverse needs of customers for high torque and control accuracy, the ECU19058 can be paired with the PG19M series planetary reducer and incremental or absolute encoders of the same size. These versatile configuration options allow the ECU19058 to easily handle various complex application scenarios.

    4. Powerful customization capabilities to meet special needs

    MOONS' slotless series motors are renowned for their extensive customization capabilities and experience. Whether it involves special size requirements, performance parameters, or interface design, we can quickly respond and develop customized solutions based on actual needs. MOONS' is dedicated to providing customers with motion control solutions that meet their specific requirements.

    The ECU19058 series, a Ø19mm slotless motor, is another masterpiece from MOONS' in the field of handheld devices. This new motor offers an ideal solution for various practical application scenarios with its excellent performance, extensive configuration options, and powerful customization capabilities. If you are looking for a motor solution with a compact structure and strong output performance, the ECU19058 is your optimal choice.