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New Design Non-captive Linear
Stepper Motor

● Available motor size include NEMA11,14,17,23
● Innovation patent: External Anti-backlash nuts type
● High repeatability: ±0.02mm
● PTFE Coating available
● Multiple motor lengths and special PowerPlus motor available
● Easy to maintain and easy to replace the nuts
● Customizable stroke lengths, leads, end machining and nuts to meet exact requirements
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    Moons' new design Non-captive linear stepper motor are offered in NEMA 11,14,17 and 23 frame size.  This LNSM uses innovative and creative external Anti-backlash nuts patent design , operating with a superior precision lead screw that translates through the motor body.  The anti-backlash nut is manufactured from high performance plastic to offer long life and maximum load carrying.
    Typical applications include medical equipment, semiconductor handling, valve control, X-Y tables, hand held instruments, or wherever precise linear motion is required.

    Innovation Structure & Anti-Backlash Nut

    LNSM series through shaft linear stepper motor has unique external clearance nut technology design which provides High repeatability and excellent concentricity. It is easy for the maintenance and easy to replace the nuts.

    • High repeatability and excellent concentricity
    • Easy to maintain and easy to replace the nuts
    • Configurable for various torque requirements
    • Patent pending self-adjusting anti-backlash feature
    • Polymer nuts are self-lubricating and maintenance easy

    Superior Precision Screw

    Through years of testing and process improvements, MOONS' is proud to offer the most accurate standard lead screw was designed to work perfectly with the new Constant Force Anti-Backlash nut. Allow for standard lead accuracy of .003”/ft (2-3 times better than the competition). Precision lead accuracy of .001”/ft is available upon request.

    • CNC Roll Threading, smooth is better
    • Repeatibility starting at ±0.02 mm
    • PTFE Coating available

    Motors Optiomized for Linear Motion

    We offer a wide range of standard products for you to choose, as while as accepting a variety of customized requirements

    • 30% More Torque Available - MOONS’ PowerPlus technology
    • Custom end machining to meet your application requirements
    • A variety of motor length to meet your needs
    • A variety of lead screws and nuts assemblies to meet your needs
    LNSM series linear motor are suitable for a variety of automation tasks in medical equipment, semiconductor handling,valve control, X-Y tables, hand held instruments, and many other industries. To inquire about a confiugration to suit your exact needs contact our engineering and sales teams using the form below.

    Step Motor 4 Lead Bi-Polar(1.8deg)

    Configuration Table

    * The above options are common choices, please consult our technicat department for further information.

    Ordering Information

    NEMA17 Sample Mechanical Dimensions:mm