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    MOONS' Launches MH13/MH22 High-performance Encoders That Match Slotless Motors

    Recently, MOONS' has launched new incremental high-performance encoders MH13 and MH22. This series of encoders is specially designed for slotless motors, with excellent performance and compact structure. MH22 high-performance encoders that match slotless motors

    High Performance

    The MH13 and MH22 series encoders have excellent performance indicators and can achieve high-resolution and high-precision position feedback. Their excellent accuracy and repeatability ensure stable and reliable motion control, thereby improving the accuracy of the system. The MH13 and MH22 series use higher specification chips to provide stronger performance and wider application scenarios. At the same time, the MH22 series encoder is also the first high-speed encoder from MOONS' that can be used with the ECH22 series high-speed slotless motor.
    Lines per revolution   1024
    Counts per turn (Bit)   4096 (12)
    Number of channels   3
    Supply voltage V 5
    Supply current mA 22
    Max. output current/channel mA 20
    Max. frequency kHz 3000
    Operating temperature °C -40~+100

    Compact Structure

    The MH13 and MH22 series encoders have a compact design and can be perfectly matched with slotless motors of the same outer diameter. The compact structure allows them to easily fit into various small spaces. When the MH13 encoder is used with the ECU13 motor, the length only increases by 6.6mm; when the MH22 encoder is used with the ECT22 motor, there is no need to increase the length of the fuselage, which is particularly important for applications with limited installation space or volume requirements. In addition, this series of encoders adopt the form of rear outlet, which greatly reduces the difficulty of assembly. MH22 high-performance encoders that match slotless motors

    Reliable and Durable

    MH13 and MH22 series encoders adopt mature technology and are designed to meet the stability and reliability requirements of modern industrial applications, enabling them to operate in harsh working environments for a long time. This series of encoders have excellent anti-vibration and anti-interference properties. Capabilities superior to other types of magnetic encoders. MOONS' is committed to continuously developing products for various special application scenarios to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers, hoping to bring customers a better product experience through a richer product portfolio.