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Coreless Brushed DC Motors 

● Most popular size Ø13, Ø17, Ø24 are ready, Ø10 and Ø16 will coming soon.
● For motor, Max. speed up to 15,000rpm, max. torque up to 12mNm.
● Variety of winding (3v to 30v) suitable for different requirement.
● Wide gear ratio option from 4:1 to 850:1, max. output torque up to 1.2Nm.
● Magnetic and optical incremental encoder with 512pulse per turn.
● Modular product idea let customer can make their own combination freely.
● Innovation design provide high performance.
● Exquisite production process guarantee high quality.
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Moons’ latest coreless series now is available, including coreless brushed dc motor, planetary gearbox, and incremental encoder can be provided to market.
· Coreless brushed DC motor.
· Motor size Ø10, Ø13, Ø16, Ø17, Ø24
· Max. speed up to 15,000rpm,
· Max. torque up to 12mNm.
· Variety of winding: 3v, 6v, 9v, 12v, 18v, 24v, 30v
· High power density,
· No cogging, long operating life, simple control
· Planetary gearbox.
· Ø13, Ø16, Ø22 matched to motor.
· Wide gear ratio option from 4:1 to 850:1,
· Max. output torque up to 1.2Nm.
· Optimum design and simple construction by use of sintered parts.
· Magnetic and optical incremental encoder.
· Ø13, Ø16 matched to motor.
· Up to 512 lines per revolution.
· Line driver for magnetic encoder (A- B- Z-)
Moons’ coreless series target for high-precision and micro-size application, which is best supplementary for Moons’ current stepper motor product line, it provide high running speed and mini size solution for customer. The new coreless DC product be widely used in biological and medical field, industrial automation, instrumentation, robotics, security device and consumer goods.