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New Generation NEMA 8 Stepper Motor

Nema 8 (口20mmX20mm), 2-phase, 1.8° ● Innovation round flange, motor body diameter is only Φ22mm
● 27%-40% more holding torque, up to 8.5 oz-in (60 mNm)
● 18.5% lower volume and approximately 10% less weight than conventional motors
● Innovation round flange provides flexible and customized mounting solutions
● Variety of mounting connection modes: facing forward, out the side of the motor,
or out the rear of the motor for flexibility and space savings
● Customizations available include motor windings, various shafts, motor leads and
connectors and encoder & gearhead options

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    MOONS’ MS08HY series is a compact size HB step motor specifically designed to be applied in small precision instruments. Continuous investment in product research, and advanced electromagnetic simulation has allowed MOONS’ to optimize its performance. As a result the new MS08HY series motor is a compact, high efficient, high performance step motor. This design also allows for more mounting and connection options to best fit any application.

    High Torque

    Optimized magnetic circuit design gives higher efficiency and higher torque.

    Compact Structure – Save Space & Weight

    MS08HY series has a smaller body diameter compared with conventional designs. The diameter is reduced from Φ27mm to Φ22mm. Its volume is 18.5% lower and its weight is approximately 10% less than conventional motors. This helps to achieve the customer’s requirement for smaller and lighter solutions to better improve their products.

    Flexible Machine Designs

    MS8HY series has two flange options: square flange and round flange. The square flange option has the same mounting as conventional Nema 8 designs. The round flange is a MOONS’ innovation to save even more space, further reduce weight, and allows these motors to take the place of other round motor technologies. Combined with multiple wire outlet options, it lets customers easily design very compact equipment and meet the requirement of high-tech applications such as: portable medical equipment, surveillance cameras, electronic microscopes, actuators, etc.

    Variety of Mounting and Connection Modes

    · Square Flange Mounting The square flange is a standard HB Step design. MS8HY series square flange design provides the option of two square mounting dimensions : 15.4mm or 16mm,covering all requirements in the market.
    · Round Motor Flange Mounting MOONS’ has developed an innovative round flange design which is matches perfectly to the new stator lamination. This standard mounting plate allows the mounting screws to be assembled from the same side as the motor, which can make it easier to install as well as makes the entire body very compact. The use of a separate mounting plate also makes it easy for MOONS’ to provide customized mounting solutions to fit the specific application.
    · Lead Wire and Plug Connections Lead wires provide a permanent connection to the motor. They can be customized in any lead length with connectors provided on the end of the leads as an option. This allows the motor to be connected directly to the motor drive.
    Plug connections now have the option of facing forward, out the side of the motor, or out the rear of the motor. The rear facing connector is confined entirely within the motor body shape. This allows for further flexibility and space savings.

    Mounting and Connection Options

    Customers now have the flexibility to design small, compact equipment that is easy to assemble.

    · Square Flange
    · Round Flange

    Customized Motor & Recommended Options

    These motors are routinely used in low to high volume production applications. Our Standard motors offer standard customizations, and come with extended customer and product support. Customizations available include motor windings for optimal performance under your specific operating conditions, various shaft customizations; and customized motor leads and connectors.

    · High Accuracy in Closed Loop Control(Encoder Required)

    MS8HY series stepper motor is small in size, but can still be assembled with photoelectric rotary encoders. The customer can make a closed loop control system for the motor, using a simple system realizing higher reliability and efficiency vs. an open loop system. Also, this closed loop system has further advantages of low vibration、low heating and stable stopping. · Mounting Dimensions of Encoder· Recommended Encoders
    Product: photoelectric rotary encoder
    resolution:1000 P/R
    voltage:4.5 ~ 5.5 VDC
    input current:60 mA (Max)
    response frequency:220 kHz
    operating temperature:-20 ~ +85℃

    · MS8HY Series Stepper Motor + Planetary Gearhead

    Compact and lightweight assembly increases the output torque with low gap, high efficiency and low noise.· Recommended Gearhead
    Gearhead Data
    Reduction Ratio   4:1 16:1 64:1 256:1
        5:1 19:1 76:1 304:1
          22:1 90:1 361:1
            107:1 428:1
    Number of stages   1 2 3 4
    Max. continuous torque Nm 0.20 0.40 0.60 0.80
    Max. intermittent torque Nm 0.30 0.60 0.90 1.20
    Weight g 34.3 34.6 54.4 64.0
    Max. efficiency % 81 66 53 43
    Gearhead length L mm 17.7 22.9 28.1 33.3
    Planetary gearhead   Straight teeth
    Output shaft   Stainless steel, hardened
    Bearing at output   Sleeve bearing
    Radial play mm ≤ 0.1
    Axial play mm ≤ 0.35
    Max. radial load N 8
    Max. axial load N 15(5mm from flange)
    Max. force for press fits N 100
    Recommend input speed rpm ≤10000
    Direction of rotation (drive to output)   =
    Ambient temperature -10~+60
    · Dimension
    Quote a Standard/Specialty/Customized Motor


    Length Model Number Connect Rated
    Winding Rotor Inertia Motor Weight
    Single Shaft P=Plug
    g.cm² Oz-in² Kg Lbs
    30mm MS08HY1 P 0.5 0.028 4 8.2 2.7 0.015 0.045 0.1
    40mm MS08HY3 P 0.5 0.046 6.5 14.1 3.6 0.02 0.062 0.14
    47.5mm MS08HY5 P 0.5 0.06 8.5 17.4 4.2 0.023 0.075 0.17
    Phases 2
    Steps/Revolution 200
    Step Accuracy ±5%
    IP Class 40
    Approvals RoHS
    Operating Temp -20°C to +50°C
    Insulation Class B, 130°C
    Insulation Resistance 100 MegOhms
    Shaft Load (20,000 Hours at 1000 RPM)
    Axial 6 N (1.3 Lbs.) Push
    25 N (5.6 Lbs.) Pull
    Radial 18 N (4 Lbs.) At end of shaft

    Torque Curves

    Round Flange Dimensions:mm(in)

    Square Flange Dimensions:mm(in)